Classified Gets Assified

Washington (CNNPresident Donald Trump’s consequential meeting with two of Russia’s top foreign operatives earlier this month has cast a pall over his administration, raising questions about the President’s ability to handle classified information when meeting with sometimes adversarial foreign leaders.


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Who was in the meeting?


  • Donald Trump — President
  • Rex Tillerson — Secretary of State
  • H.R. McMaster — National Security Adviser
  • Dina Powell — Deputy National Security Adviser
  • Missing? Jared Kushner — Trump’s son-in-law and top aide


  • Sergey Lavrov — Russian Foreign Minister
  • Sergey Kislyak — Russian ambassador to the US
  • A slew of other unidentified Russian aides
No United States media were invited in for the meeting, but a photographer from TASS, the Russian state media organization, was in the room for at least part of the meeting.
Aides in the White House were “furious” after photos from the meeting were tweeted by the Russian embassy in the United States even before the White House told reporters that Kislyak, the ambassador who is well known as a Russian spy, was in the meeting.
“They tricked us,” an angry White House official said. “That’s the problem with the Russians — they lie.”
Additionally, the meeting raised alarm bells in Washington because it came one day after Trump decided to fire FBI Director James Comey while the bureau investigated his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.
The meeting itself was a personal request from Vladimir Putin.
According to The Washington Post, Trump described details to Lavrov and Kislyak about how ISIS hopes to use laptop computers as bombs on planes.
“I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day,” one official with knowledge of the meeting described Trump as saying, according to the Post, before the President reportedly relayed specific intelligence.
According to US and diplomatic officials, Israeli intelligence was a source for some of the information about ISIS bomb-making capabilities that the President discussed with Russian diplomats.
The White House has scrambled to respond to the news for the last 24 hours, at first denying the story, then arguing that Trump was “wholly appropriate” to discuss the information with the Russians.
Trump is about to set off on an eight-day, five-country trip in his first foreign venture as president where he will have countless conversations with foreign leaders.
The idea that Trump could share information gleaned in those conversations with countries that are not friendly to the United States could chill some of these interactions and make world leaders question what they share with Trump.




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14 responses to “Classified Gets Assified

  1. I’m afraid to blink for fear of missing something.

  2. this comes courtesy of Hayden Black‏ @haydenblack whom i don’t even follow. just popped up on my feed and made me happy, so i am sharing:

    Trump & Lavrov,
    Sittin’ in a tree,
    First came collusion, then came intel,
    Then came the GOP & Fox telling everyone it’s normal.

  3. oh, one more thing, apropos nothing , as usual 🙂
    for a man this unstable, egomaniacal & insane (& small-handed), batshit bachmann was still too crazy to appoint post-campaign.

  4. Well hey, what can we expect, except no respect from Model T regarding our government that is supposed to be run with rules regulations, protocol, etc. Model T only cares about himself and Russia and how to line his pockets.

    I continue to be in disbelief about his daily handling of the most important job in the US. I only wish that somehow, someway he can be removed from office before he completely destroys the US.

    • There is one distraction after another. I am still putting my faith in the states’ Attorneys General. I think they are the ones who will bring him down. The Congress could do it, but the Rethugs won’t stop dragging their feet.

      • I surely hope you are correct that the state AGs will do something. Now I believe the Rethugs or the Repubs have no balls at all. I wonder how Boehner( not sure I spelled his name correctly) would have handled all the mess that’s going on. I think the man must have had ESP and could see that the government was soon going drain the drain. And I’m not talking about Trump’s statement of draining the swamp. He didn’t drain, he added alligators

        • I left the house today to go to the dentist and the doctor and then did a little shopping. When I got home, I turned on the TV, and the banners at the bottom were blasting that there is now a special counsel. I am done predicting the future, because it seems everything changes every few minutes. Now I hear that Flynn told the transition team he was under investigation, so all the denials but Twitler and transition head Pence are pure and utter bullshit.

          • Oh my goodness. It seems that my daughter is right. I must have Spectrum (once Time Warner) hook up my TV cable again. I live in a wooded area and can’t just use a little box to get ABC, NBC, CBS. However I used to watch CNN every night and was pretty much addicted to the news there (after I retired) and I know that I’m missing a lot.

            I hope that news of a special counsel is not fake. 🙂 It is sure getting spicy in the WH.

            • It’s for reals. My jaw is sore, not only from the 2-hours in the dentist chair yesterday, but from the constant dropping while watching the news. Today was another jawdropper–Roger Ailes is dead. Hell is a little more crowded today.

              • I’m sorry about your dental pain. I need some fillings done as well. The dentist chair is no picnic.

                I know what you mean about the news. I suppose in the end, that Ailes keeled over from the BS he caused and tolerated while at Fox. He surely deserves a place in hell for his predatory and biased behavior.