H. R. McJanitor

From Mother Jones:

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster at a press briefing this morning: President Trump didn’t reveal anything wrong to the Russians. “It was wholly appropriate to that conversation.”

Attention! Clean up in the Oval Office!


Oooh! the 2 Sergeys (Kislyak & Lavrov) are peeking in the windows!

So there you have it. McMaster refuses to say if the information Trump shared with the Russian foreign minister was classified; whether it came from a foreign partner; whether it had been shared with anyone else; whether it referred to a specific city; whether his own office was in touch this morning with the NSA and CIA about this; or whether anyone has spoken with the foreign partner about what happened. He’ll say only that it was “appropriate” over and over and over.


Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster has long been considered one of the best generals of his generation—a scholar-soldier with a reputation for speaking truth to power.

All of which made the National Security Adviser’s appearance Tuesday in the White House briefing room extra bizarre. Over the course of 17 muddled minutes, he all-but-admitted that President Donald Trump shared classified information with representatives of the Russian government. Then he claimed that the media was jeopardizing national security by reporting on the disclosure of such sensitive information. Then McMaster said some of the information actually wasn’t so sensitive—in fact, you could read about it in the press. It all climaxed with McMaster insisting that Trump didn’t know where this classified information came from (according to The New York Times, it was Israeli intelligence), but was totally justified in giving it to the Russians, anyway. In the process, the general—who literally wrote the book about standing up to presidential authority—was forced to play press flack for an administration reluctant to share key details. Sean Spicer, with less hair.


It’s a situation that White House staff and senior aides will often concede is a disaster of the president’s own fumbling creation.

“At this point I’m wondering if we’ll ever be able to stop talking about Russia,” a White House staffer vented to The Daily Beast on Monday. “It’s totally self-inflicted.”

McMaster has been widely touted as one of the “adults in the room” who could help curb some of the worst impulses of a uniquely dysfunctional and new administration. […] McMaster was supposed to be a major departure from the disastrous and brief tenure of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and was supposed to serve as a colder-headed check on the 45th president’s impulses. But by Tuesday morning, the general was playing clean-up—a full-time job for Trump’s White House team that has left aides exhausted and literally face-palming.



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12 responses to “H. R. McJanitor

  1. Great picture. I love how you customized his desk with all of his favorite things. 😉
    When is the staff going to have enough sinning? It must be tiresome!

    • Apples, while I was looking for a pic of the Oval Office as it is now, I found a comparison shot between Obama’s office and that of the shithead. One of the things that was pointed out was that Obama had a lot of personal pictures on the console behind the desk, while Twitler has almost none. I figured that the pic he would definitely have is himself. I bet he’s mad that nobody allowed him to hang up all of his magazine covers instead of old Presidents like the vile Andrew Jackson.

      I have to wonder why McMaster has sold his soul. Is he so afraid that Twitler will soon get us into another war {or some other disaster} that he will debase himself by making excuses for the shithead? I would like to think that he is doing what he is doing for noble reasons. In this day and age, I am sorry to say that I tend to assume the worst, because the worst is usually the truth. 😦

  2. Dear God. Wonders never cease or something to that effect. Lets just forget about being noble. McMaster is no different from the rest of his cabinet and aides. They all lie like a barrel of snakes. It is becoming more laughable by the day.

    I’m getting dizzy from shaking my head. These folks can’t keep their lies straight and frankly I think McMaster is just a dumb ass. He might be smart in some aspects but dealing with Trump is another matter.

    • I know very little about McJanitor, so I give him some benefit of doubt. Maybe he thinks there needs to be a grownup in the Oval Office to keep the crazies at bay. Maybe that might have been a noble sacrifice at some point, but now it seems to me it would be far more noble to spill the beans as to what is really going on behind the scenes and for McMaster to lead the parade to impeach someone he knows is a danger to a country he bravely protected in a former incarnation.

      • “McMaster to lead the parade to impeach someone he knows is a danger to a country he bravely protected in a former incarnation.” Let us hope and pray that your words come true. Some of these folks had best wake up and stop acting like stooges and keep the US from falling into total chaos.

  3. darkblack9999

    ‘A Russian by the throat is worth two in the bush’ – Raoul Duke 😉 McMaster has my sympathies in this situation – The military serves the executive. To transgress against that in any way is a glowing third rail that, if touched, opens up a host of unpleasant possibilities that I am sure he does not want to be the poster boy for. Unfortunately for him, Nonnie has already made him the poster boy, so Semper Fi! ;>)

    • I understand his mindset since he is former military, Darkblack. Howevah (because there is always a howevah), he is no longer serving as a military man. His job is national security, and a blind and deaf person with no internet access would know that Twitler and his minions are a threat to this country. If he continues on this course of lying to the country and making excuses for that fuckwad in the Oval Office, then I question not only his judgment but his patriotism.

  4. I wonder if they’ll ever get the smell of KFC out of the Oval Office?

    • I think the smell of KFC might be like air freshener compared to the other stenches in the White House. When Twitler is gone, we are going to have to boil the building before burning it. Then we can make Mexico pay for a brand new White House.