Maybe Wilbur just needs new glasses


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told CNBC on Monday that “there was not a single hint of a protester anywhere there during the whole time” he was in Saudi Arabia with President Donald Trump over the weekend.

The CNBC anchor said that could be because protesting isn’t allowed in Saudi Arabia.


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Ross, who was seen napping during Trump’s speech on Sunday, added that the Saudi security guards asked Trump and his aides for a photo and presented him with “two gigantic bushels of dates as a present, a thank you for the trip that we had had. That was a pretty from-the-heart, very genuine gesture, and it really touched me.”

The Saudi government banned all forms of protest in 2011 in the wake of the Arab Spring.

“Regulations in the kingdom forbid categorically all sorts of demonstrations, marches, and sit-ins, as they contradict Islamic Sharia law and the values and traditions of Saudi society,” a Saudi interior ministry statement said at the time.

A counterterrorism law enacted in 2014 reinforced the ban on dissent, characterizing any act that “undermines” the Saudi state or society as an act of terrorism.


Trump’s speech in Riyadh on Sunday did not mention Saudi Arabia’s human-rights violations, which include public floggings, coerced confessions, and death sentences for crimes such as nonviolent drug offenses. Most executions are carried out by beheading, according to Amnesty International.

Squint not, my dearest Raisinettes. Here is a larger version of the new Department of Commerce seal under Wilbur:


Original seal


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4 responses to “Maybe Wilbur just needs new glasses

  1. I know of at least one fairly recent case in Saudi Arabia in which a person who had simply participated in a protest march was sentenced to such heavy flogging that it was effectively a death sentence. Of course, that individual was a Shiite, and they’re treated like garbage by the militantly Sunni regime.

    Charming company we keep over there. The Iranian regime is terrible, but Saudi Arabia makes Iran look like San Francisco.

    death sentences for crimes such as nonviolent drug offenses

    You can see why the Trump gang likes the place. Jeff Sessions would doubtless love to be able to behead casual marijuana users. And Trump himself would be even more enthused at being able to have Alec Baldwin flogged to death.

    As for Mr. Ross, it is perhaps petty of me to suspect that the Saudi guards’ parting gift is the only way he could hope to get a date. And evidently his eyesight is too obscured by the sandstorms of Arabia to notice that the USS Trump is sinking like a rock.

    • My original title for this entry was “Wilbur finally gets a date!” However, this pruny little troll has enough money that he was able to find 3 different women to marry him. Maybe their eyesight was on par with his. One of his wives was Betsy Death Panels McCaughey. Remember that shithead (if you do a search, you will see a few old posters with her in a starring role). Wilbur and the rest of this shitshow administration cares about nothing except making money. I would be willing to bet Wilbur and many of the others have stock in the defense industries whose shares went sky-high due to the deal with the murderous Saudis.

  2. Now I’m hearing the voice of the late Jim Backus although most of the quotes are as Thurston Howell III on “Gilligan’s Island,” not “Mr. Magoo.” Given who you’re satirizing, that may be even more appropriate.

    • Wilbur (perfect name for him, because Dickhead was taken) looks like what would result if Mr. Garrison from South Park and Sam Drucker from Green Acres, Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies had a baby, and someone put the baby in a dehydrator.