As the World Burns


World leaders have roundly criticized President Donald Trump, who announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change on Thursday.


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By withdrawing from the global climate pact, Trump fulfilled a campaign promise that his base supported; however, his decision was almost universally rejected by world leaders. 195 nations originally signed up to participate in the agreement.

Here are the world leaders who have spoken up about Trump’s decision:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “We are deeply disappointed”


From the office of UK Prime Minister Theresa May: “The Prime Minister expressed her disappointment”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, and French President Emmanuel Macron: We “take note with regret of the decision.”


French President Emmanuel Macron: “It’s a mistake for our planet.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Russia attaches great significance to it”


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8 responses to “As the World Burns

  1. thanks, Nonnie,
    but who can take any pride or joy in any of this?

    this idiot’s “policy” is driven by the singular goal to undo Obama’s legacy.
    as another twitter user put it “if Obama was anti-abortion and anti-cancer, trump would mandate abortions & advocate for cancer”

    • I think undoing everything Obama did is just icing on the Twitler cake (the most beautiful piece of cake you ever saw, of course). I think the primary reason for what he does is to save his and Jared’s business interests. The rest really doesn’t matter to him, so he just does what President Bannon tells him to do.

  2. Elections have consequences. So do electoral systems. Because we let 240 years pass without doing anything about the Electoral College, the Germans and Chinese and Arabs and others who have invested heavily in solar power will overtake us to dominate one of the major technologies of the future — and the task of keeping the Earth habitable will become somewhat more difficult, although several cities and states in the US are already affirming their intent to stick with the climate accord despite Trump.

    That yellow-coiffed skunk should replace the eagle as our national animal for the duration of Trump’s “Presidency”, representing the enormous stink he’s made with everything he does.

    • Unfortunately, changing the Constitution to get rid of the EC would take the majority of states agreeing to do so. There’s no way the little shit states (population-wise) would ever agree to giving up the power they have, so we are stuck with it. I think there is going to be more of states and cities acting on their own and practically daring the federal government to stop them.