A Whiter Shade of White

Anyone of you kids gonna watch the new Megyn Kelly show tonight? Nah, me either. Here are a few things to remember about Roger Ailes’s enthusiastic acolyte as NBC tries to whitewash her record.


Kelly frequently hosted hate group leaders and extremists on her Fox News show


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Kelly often made race-baiting comments


On The Kelly File, Kelly and Mark Fuhrman agreed that black people’s grievances with police are overblown.



Kelly questioned whether education, marriage, and employment are “valued in the black communities.”


Kelly: “Santa just is white” and “just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change.”

That’s just the tip of the very white iceberg, kids. Read the whole article, and see a host of her anti-Islam, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, anti-Obama, anti-transgender, anti-women and anti-science remarks.




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3 responses to “A Whiter Shade of White

  1. I never watched her and have not viewed her on her new show. I’ve never liked anyone associated with Fox before or after they left the racist network. I hope she tanks big time with her new show.

    In other words she is a racist bitch.

    • I’ve only seen snippets of her, and from what I see, I don’t like her. She has a holier-than-thou attitude. I will never watch her show. I think NBC miscalculated bigly when they hired her and Greta von Susteren. I hope they lose tons of money for their shareholders so that they will get rid of Andy Lack, the NBC chairman. He sucks bigly.

      • Yes, from what I read about her, she thinks she is above everyone and is as you say, “holier than thou.” I can’t stand people like that. They always seem to be bigots and racists. Downright odd when you think about it.