He’s just an idiot, that’s why I endorsed him!

Washington (CNN)House Speaker Paul Ryan sought Thursday to explain President Donald Trump’s asking then-FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying he was new at the job and did not understand protocols.


Original theater ad (and yeah, the original New Boy does look just like Alfred E. Newman)

“Of course there needs to be a degree of independence between (the Justice Department), FBI and the White House, and a line of communications established,” Ryan said during his news conference, which occurred at the same time as Comey was testifying across Capitol Hill before the Senate intelligence committee..
“The President’s new at this. He’s new to government. So, he probably wasn’t steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI and White Houses. He’s just new to this.”
Ryan also argued that Comey’s opening statement revealed why the President was frustrated with the ongoing investigation into Russia.
“I think people now realize why the President is so frustrated. When the FBI Director tells him on three different occasions that he’s not under investigation, yet the speculation swirls around the political system that he is, that’s frustrating,” Ryan said.
Ryan declined to comment on whether he thought it was appropriate for Trump to ask Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn.
So, how long does the shithead-in-chief qualify as new? Will the excuse be that “he’s just new” count if he gets us into another war? If he fucks up after a terrorist attack? After a natural disaster? And, by the way, we know Jared is just another entitled shithead who inherited his felon daddy’s empire and will eventually drive it into the ground just like Daddy-in-law did with his daddy’s business. Howevah, are Mike Pence and Ernie…I mean, Jeff Beauregard Sessions neophytes? I know that Pence looks like a junior high school assistant principal, and Beauregard looks like he should be managing a Denny’s, but they have been in politics for many years. People are wondering why Comey didn’t tell Twitler that he was being inappropriate. Why aren’t they asking why Pence and Erni….Beauregard didn’t tell him that, and why did they leave the room?
…To be continued tomorrow.


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  1. 😡

    I’m under the weather so that’s the best I can do …but I am with you

    • Awww, feel better Poopsie. ❤

      • Thanks. Killer cold 🤧

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          • ❤️. I used to make terrific chicken soup too. Then, when my son had been sick for days and I had gotten new sleep, I fell asleep for hours while I was boiling the chicken, nearly burning down the house. We had to replace the stove! So I am afraid to make it now!

            But I just woke up and feel better. Hopefully it was a short and shitty cold!

            • That’s like an oxymoron! Chicken soup is supposed to heal, not burn down the house. In fact, one of the good things about making chicken soup is that I can smell it all over the house, so I can’t forget that I have something on the stove. As for everything else, I am surprised I haven’t burned down the house yet, because I forget to set a timer where I can hear it so I don’t forget I have something cooking.

              Glad you are feeling better. ❤

  2. vincelamb

    “Erni….Beauregard” — I told a colleague of mine that Sessions looked like an evil Keebler elf and he burst out laughing. It hadn’t occurred to him, but he could see the resemblance. I told him you came up with the idea.

    • I know I am not the only one who noticed. Speaking of resemblances, the other day, I was googling for something or other, and I saw American Gothic, and I realized who Wilbur Ross reminded me of. Well, him and Sam from Green Acres and Petticoat Junction and Granny from Beverly Hillbillies.

  3. Why oh why indeed. Will we ever know why? I don’t think so since I’m a pessimist- big time.

    Speaking of chicken soup. I think I make the best, west of the Mississippi. And it isn’t swimming in fat- just a little bit for taste. I make huge batches of it during various ties of the year and freeze some so that I don’t have to cook supper. I don’t like to cook much anymore since I’m only cooking for myself.

    But I bet your soup is to die for. Chicken soup really does make one feel better. But it must be made from scratch. Canned soup is not healthy nor healing.

    • I’m a Jewish mother. Canned chicken soup is heresy. My son’s friend (I call her my other child) said she loves soup, and my chicken soup is the best she has ever had. That’s because homemade soup is made with love. If it wasn’t so damned hot here, I would make a pot.

      • Oh heck, whether or not it’s hot or not, go ahead and make some. My son loves my soup too. Chicken soup is such a great filler. In the Fall and Winter, it’s often the only food I eat for my lunch and supper. And an apple or and some frozen blueberries or frozen sliced figs with soy milk added as my dessert.

        • Wayyyy too hot down here for soup, and not enough people here to eat it. Besides, I don’t have any chicken.

          • Yep, it’s hot here in Texas too. The heat is bad. I’ve tired to catch up with your posts. My computer was on the fritz and it had to pay a visit to Mark the PC tech guy. It was “frozen” and effed up big time. Just got it back today, Thursday.