Brazen in the Sun

From the Chicago Tribune:

There’s Gov. Chris Christie, lounging in a beach chair in the Oval Office. There he is again, sitting in the sand as the lovers from the movie “From Here to Eternity” roll around in the surf. And there he is, relaxing outside the meat store from “The Sopranos.”

Christie is getting blistered online and in the real world after he was photographed with his family soaking up the sun on a beach that he had closed to the public over the Fourth of July weekend because of a government shutdown.


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A deeply unpopular Republican serving out his final six months in office, Christie was lambasted Monday as selfish and arrogant, and jokesters online inserted the picture of him in sandals, shorts and a T-shirt into various photos and movie and TV scenes.


New Jersey state beaches and parks were shut down over the weekend along with motor vehicle offices and other services deemed nonessential after Christie and the Democratic-controlled Legislature failed to agree on a budget for the new fiscal year that began Saturday.

Christie defended his visit to the shore, saying that he had previously announced his plans to vacation at the state-owned governor’s beach house and that the media had simply “caught a politician keeping his word.”

“That’s the way it goes,” Christie said Saturday about his family’s use of the beach house. “Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”


“I didn’t get any sun today,” Christie told reporters at a news conference later in the day in Trenton. Then, when told of the photos, his spokesman told that the governor was telling the truth because he was wearing a baseball hat during his 45-minute visit to the beach.

Now, there’s the real news–the biggest fucking hat in the history of the world!! But, I digress….

People in New Jersey and beyond seized on what many saw as a let-them-eat-cake gesture by the state’s chief executive.

“Taxpayers can’t use the parks and other public sites they pay for, but he and his family can hang out at a beach that no one else can use?” asked Mary Jackson, a Freehold resident. “Doesn’t he realize how that looks, how people will see it as a slap in the face?”


The sticking point in the budget stalemate is Christie’s demand that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield be overhauled so that the state can tap into the nonprofit insurer’s surplus.

Christie’s approval rating is already at an abysmal 15 percent, after three aides were convicted or pleaded guilty in the bridge scandal and after he threw his support to Donald Trump when his own presidential campaign fizzled.

He was passed over for vice president and apparently didn’t get the high-level job in Washington that he wanted, but he has been mentioned as a possible late addition to the Trump administration.

“It is hard to imagine a worse optic for public relations on a hot July day. Pollsters may find out how low approval ratings can go in New Jersey,” said Fairleigh Dickinson University political science professor Peter Woolley.

I know this story seems to be one of those fun what’s the big deal? stories, but consider the lost revenues while the pig and his family tan their privileged asses. From Newsworks:

On day three of the New Jersey government shutdown, business owners near Island Beach State Park say they’re struggling to make sales during the critical extended holiday weekend.

Gale Coleman, owner of 3C’s Luncheonette on Route 35 in Ocean County’s Seaside Park, says Saturday and Sunday were rough on her business. She estimates business down by 50 percent during the first two days of the shutdown.


When asked if the park’s closure due to the ongoing state budget impasse is directly responsible for lagging sales, she said yes.

“It has everything to do with Island Beach State Park being closed. We depend on Island Beach State Park,” she said, standing in the brilliant sunshine outside her business. “You can never make up your financial loses. There’s no way to do it.”


A few blocks north, Shore and More General Store owner, Dominick Solazzo, a father of two young children, is dealing with a similar situation. Like Coleman, he relies on traffic to the park.

“The roads are empty. There’s no flow to the park,” he said. “We’re one of the only places to get your essential beach needs. The park is a generator for a huge amount of people that come through here. That flow makes our business.”

Think, too, about the people who saved up their  money for vacations and are not allowed to go to places they thought they would be able to go. Then there’s this, from

New Jersey Special Olympians will just have to do with a little less this year.

Calling it an “unfortunate” situation, New Jersey Special Olympics President and CEO Heather Andersen said this afternoon that the Statue of Liberty 5K — which was expected to raised roughly $40,000 for the state’s Special Olympians — has been canceled because of the state shutdown.


Andersen said the participants — who had each raised at least $100 for the organization — were going to be notified by email that the race has been cancelled. The monies raised go toward training, competition and leadership opportunities for the Special Olympics competitors, officials said.

Andersen said she is going to ask the participants to put the money they raised toward next year’s race.




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11 responses to “Brazen in the Sun

  1. Any one that is GOP is a hog. And he is living proof. Everyone else is at fault no matter what but let any repub come up with an idea and the liberals are picking o the GOPers. Such a sorry bunch with a sense of entitlement.

  2. the loony tic

    twitler’s twitter to chris christy is, ‘you’ve learned well grasshopper!’

    • I think it might be the opposite. I think Twitler might have learned a few tricks from Governor Shithead. Or maybe it just comes naturally to both of them.

  3. Friend of the court

    washed up walrus.

  4. Sunuvabeach indeed! He doesn’t seem to give a shit how this looks since he’s not running for reelection, but if he had hopes of running for President again someday, he’s probably just harpooned them. Sad! He could have been remembered mostly for his spanking of Marco Rubio during the Republican debate last year. Now he’ll be remembered for this.

    Now, there’s the real news–the biggest fucking hat in the history of the world!!

    It was probably a special yuuuuuge MAGA cap from The Donald. The miasma of darkness from those things probably repels sunlight, anyway.

    • I think most people would think of Bridgegate, not his spanking of Little Marco. I know I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I think his political goose was already cooked, and the most he can hope for is a sweet lobbyist job or a position in Twitler’s administration. If he gets neither, he can live on his wife’s money.

      I put a few little jokes in the new poster, Infidel. Have fun!

      • You’re probably right, but it was such a beautiful moment — a ready-made ad for the next time Rubio runs for any office. I’d had Rubio pegged as a potentially formidable candidate once he had a little more experience — his youth and Latino roots would have weakened a lot of the normal lines of attack against Republicans. Now he’s forever one of those dolls that repeats the same phrase each time you pull the string on its back.

        Oh, and I doubt a mentor would have nicknamed him “grasshopper”. “Hippo”, maybe.

        • I live in Floriduhhh, so I already was aware that Little Marco was nothing more than an empty pair of high-heeled boots with lifts in them. Even so, he would have a future, because the rest of the country doesn’t really know how undistinguished he is. What will hold him back is that his hairline gets further back every year, and his ears get bigger. We are a shallow people to whom looks count for a lot.