French Horn(dog)

From Slate:

In the wake of an affectionate butt-tap between French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, here’s some decidedly unromantic news out of Paris. A video of Donald Trump commenting on the French First Lady’s physique is making the rounds on Twitter, and it is about as unpleasant to watch as you might imagine.


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“You’re in such good shape,” Trump says in the video, with incredulous delight, while gesturing with both hands toward the first lady’s body. He then turns to the French president to repeat the comment. “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful.” Brigitte, who is facing away from the camera, takes a step back and touches Melania on the arm, as if in solidarity.

Trump making gruesomely objectifying comments about female appearances is clearly old hat at this point. But still: this one’s a doozy. Setting aside the general appropriateness of the American president commenting on the body of the French president’s wife in public, there’s the way he pays the “compliment” first to Brigitte, and then to Macron, as if to praise him on her upkeep, too. And most of all, there is a big difference between telling a woman she looks good and informing her, with a note of awestruck surpise, that she’s “in such good shape.” His choice of words is telling, because the unspoken end of the sentence “you’re in such good shape” is “for your age.” It’s a formulation that highlights a core Trumpian trait: just how obsessed he is with the specter of female decline.

Brigitte is 64 years old, making her 24 years older than her husband and 7 years younger than Trump.


Both Macrons seem cordial and friendly throughout the skin-crawling exchange in Paris, which is hardly surprising, given that the French president has been strategically turning on the charm throughout Trump’s visit. But it sure would have been satisfying if Brigitte, or her husband, had replied to doughy Trump by deadpanning, “Same to you.”


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4 responses to “French Horn(dog)

  1. Model T is rude and crude and does not know how to contain himself. His comment was inappropriate and tasteless. I bet Macron and his wife had quite a bit to say about T later. I wonder what his reaction would be if someone told him the same thing- as you mentioned. Too bad the Macron’s did not have a rude come back. But they have good taste and character and Model T does not.

  2. the loony tic

    he only views women as sex objects. if they’re not ‘beautiful’ & ‘in great shape’ then he wants little to do with them. he considers women who are not super model beautiful with brains (hilary clinton, angela merkel) to be a threat. this warped view of the world around him is due to his widdle biddy ‘hands.’

    • He’s an insecure asshole who is afraid of women. That’s why he has to objectify them–so that he can feel superior. Hope he’s happy with his plastic-surgery enhanced trophy wife. She’s called that, because she seems to have as much personality as an inanimate object.