Mein Drumpf


Moments after President Donald Trump condemned today’s Charlottesville rally violence, indicating it came from “many sides,” Rep.Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) appeared on MSNBC to give his take. And he revealed he was far from impressed with Trump’s response.

Oh, and he also labeled one of the president’s advisors a Nazi.

Because he is one.

confessions of a nazi spy

Original screencap (Confessions of a Nazi Spy)

“The first thing is that the president is not condemning terrorism that’s occurring in Charlottesville,” Gallego noted. “It’s sickening he’s not showing any leadership. It also continues to be a trend.”


“The fact is, the president has surrounded himself in his office with a bunch of alt-right heroes such as Dr. [Sebastian] Gorka, who is also reputed to be a nationalist, a Nazi in some parts of Europe,” Gallego said.


Gallego wasn’t the only one to pinpoint Gorka — who has become a favorite of the president’s due to his combative TV interviews — as a bad influence in the wake of the Charlottesville violence. During an MSNBC appearance earlier today, Richard Painter demanded that Trump get rid of Gorka and Steve Bannon because the rally was fully associated with Breitbart News, where Gorka and Bannon previously worked.

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9 responses to “Mein Drumpf

  1. Friend of the court

    Plenty of blame to go around, so says the most great so called president.

  2. Soon we’ll be ordered to address Model T. as Heil Trump. I saw this coming when I heard and saw his campaign rhetoric. People with sense know that Model T. has been the instigator of white supremacy and the alt right. His motto was make America great again and also we need to take back America. I knew then that the jackass was racist and a bigot. I told people there was no need to take back America because the US had not been taken by anyone or any country. How sick are folks that don’t understand words that come out of both sides of T’s mouth? And his double innuendoes? I see that some repubs are beginning to see there is an extreme problem going on and I hope and pray that they get off their asses and do something before it is too late. We are going to have an internal war on our hands-maybe two wars going on at the same time.

    • I hope the right has a civil war. Let them take each other out. I have no sympathy for any of them. They reap what they sow, and they sow hatred. As for Twitler, he has no convictions whatsoever. He’s just an opportunist, sort of like Omarosa without the brains. The talking heads keep talking about his agenda. He has no agenda except for commanding any and all attention. They can all rot in Hell.

      • Amen to all that you wrote. The agenda thing with Model T is non-existent, as you say. It is laughable. I hope you are correct about the right coming to blows within their own ranks.

        • One side is bashing Steve Bannon. That’s not going to sit well with the alt-right base. Something’s gotta give sooner or later.I predict it will be sooner.

  3. I heard this morning that among the advisers with Trump on Saturday helping to prepare his remarks were Bannon and Steven Miller. Gee, wonder why he didn’t go where he should have? Well, that and because he was afraid of getting into single digit favorable ratings once his “base” felt betrayed.

    What a reprehensible man. Men.

    So glad you are doing this, Nonnie. I don’t have the heart to write.

    • Elyse, I am so angry, and if I couldn’t rant here, I think my head might explode. The dog is getting tired of me lecturing to him.

      You can always tell when Stephen Miller has a hand in scripting Twitler’s “unscripted” remarks. As soon as a heard “fire and fury” I immediately thought Stephen Miller.

      I honestly don’t care what Twitler or any other Rethug has to say. They hitched their wagon to a piece of shit who ran a campaign based on hatred of anyone who is not white, male and Christian, and they are stuck with him for the rest of the ride. They can try to distance themselves, but it’s too late for that. They can’t back a hateful narcissistic pussy grabber and then wring their hands later on and act shocked when he says and does the same reprehensible things he did during the campaign.

      Yeah, he gave some carefully worded statement today (to distract from the yuugggge press conference he promised), but it is meaningless. His racist followers will say (rightfully) that he only said what he said, because he had to, but he will always pander to them, because they are his base.

      Fuck all of them.