Showdown at the Not-So-Okay Corral


House conservatives, led by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), are privately plotting a leadership challenge against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the Washington Post reports.

During closed-door discussions, Meadows and other members of the House Freedom Caucus have floated potential replacements for Ryan, including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former Sen. Rick Santorum. As the Post notes, the Constitution does not require the speaker be an elected member of Congress.


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Meadows, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) privately approached Ryan Wednesday to relay their grievances over his failure to successfully pass conservative legislation, sources told the Post. They’ve also been in contact with former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon—the recently reinstated executive chairman of the far-right website Breitbart News—to strategize ways to “mount a credible threat” against the current House Speaker. Meadows has been meeting with Bannon and Breitbart’s Washington editor Matthew Boyle “for weeks” at a Capitol Hill townhouse referred to as the “Breitbart Embassy.”


Further complicating Ryan’s position as speaker is Donald Trump’s remarkable decision Wednesday to break ranks with his own party and join Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a plan to raise the debt ceiling for a mere three months. Republicans were hoping they’d be able to extend the debt ceiling for a much longer stretch of time, and thus not require the party to repeatedly revisit a politically sensitive issue. By siding with Democrats, conservatives fear Trump provided the opposition with leverage against Republicans.

Ryan himself appeared blindsided by Trump’s decision, calling a short-term debt ceiling hike “disgraceful” mere hours before the president signed on to the plan. While some conservatives criticized Trump’s decision to side with Democrats, others—including Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs, praised the president for “[booting] the hapless fool of a Speaker out of the way of those trying to get the nation’s business done.”

“The president not only took RINO [Republican In Name Only] Ryan to the woodshed but eliminated any need for any Republican to ever pretend again that Ryan is a real Republican in any way or that any RINO has a political future,” Dobbs insisted in a scorching segment Wednesday.


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9 responses to “Showdown at the Not-So-Okay Corral

  1. Look out Pau Ryan. Here they come. Bannon is after your ass. Bannon is still president defacto or however that goes. My brain is in a tail spin. There is some sort of crappy bull manure going on every day at the White House. The longer Model T. is in office the more everything becomes screwed up and around. Can it get any worse. Yes, I do believe!

    • We were having a discussion a few posts back about term limits. Twitler got played by Schumer and Pelosi, because they know the game so well. They really screwed things up for the Rethugs for a long time. Bravo! Screwed things up for Rethugs and weakened Eddie Munst…I mean, Paul Ryan even more.

      • Schumer and Pelosi are not dumb and that is why Repubs as in repugnant, (I call them Repubs but now that I spell it out, it should be Repugs) hate their guts. Paul Ryan is full of himself and thus too big for his britches. He is not smart enough to run the show.

        I really wish there were term limits. It is more than needed.

        • If there were term limits, Pelosi and Schumer would not be there, and Dems would be flapping in the wind. This episode points out why term limits are not such a good idea. Change all the perks members of Congress get so people run for office for the right reasons, but leave term limits alone.

  2. Ah, nothing better than wingnut-on-wingnut warfare. With any luck they’ll have all destroyed each other by November 2018.

    Ryan has long been called the “intellectual leader of the Republican party”. I guess he forgot Republicans don’t like intellectuals.

    I seem to remember you’re in Florida, is that right? Hope you have plans to avoid any encounters with Irma!

    • The only thing better than wingnut-on-wingnut warfare is Democrat-induced wingnut-on-wingnut warfare, which this is. Chuck and Nancy played Twitler perfectly, and now they are sitting back and laughing at how easy it was.

      Eddie Munst…Paul Ryan is not an intellectual. Maybe next to the morons he works with, but compared to regular people, he’s a one-note snake oil salesman. He has never had an original thought or even an original tactic.He just looks down at his WWARD (what would Ayn Rand do) bracelet, and that’s what he does.

      Your memory is correct. I am in lovely Floriduhhh. I’m afraid I will have an encounter with Irma. I’m in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I have all the shutters closed and have plenty of water for me and the doggie. Not too much food (stores are empty, and I suspect everything in the fridge and freezer will soon be in the garbage can), but I have enough to survive on, even if I won’t be overly enthusiastic with my meals. The Army Corps of Engineers usually lower the canal in the back of my place before a storm is coming, but they didn’t yet. I don’t know if they figured it won’t do any good or if they just didn’t get around to it. Anyhoo, please forgive me if I miss you fabulous Sunday round-up. The latest post might be my last post for a while. Maybe I can make one more tomorrow. Making stupid posters is the only thing that keeps me distracted. Otherwise, I have to admit I am a nervous wreck. When the dog started acting weird and all the ducks disappeared, I figured that was the time to start panicking. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

      • Being called the “intellectual leader of the Republican party” certainly doesn’t mean actually being an intellectual. Some wag on the net once pointed out that it’s like calling Moe the intellectual leader of the Three Stooges.

        Stay safe — I’ll be thinking of you.

        • So far, so good, Infidel, other than the electricity going off every other minute. This morning, I felt like I was peeing in a disco. Like I said in another comment in another post–lots and lots of rain and the wind is picking up.

          …”like calling Moe the intellectual leader of the Three Stooges.” OMG!!! 😆 Thank you, Infidel. I really needed that laugh!!!!