Only Label They Need: Gonifs

From Money:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had requested the use of a government jet for his European honeymoon with his wife Louise Linton earlier this year — a mode of travel that would have incurred $25,000 per hour of flight, according to estimates provided by the U.S. Air Force.

Mnuchin’s request, confirmed by the Treasury Department and first reported by ABC News on Wednesday , was later withdrawn but sparked an inquiry from the Department’s Inspector General.

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Indeed, Mnuchin’s request has drawn scrutiny due to the couple’s tremendous wealth outside of his cabinet position. A former Goldman Sachs executive, hedge fund chief and Hollywood executive, Mnuchin has a net worth of about $300 million, according to Forbes. And Linton, a Scottish actress, spent part of her childhood growing up in a Scottish castle owned by her parents.


The couple’s honeymoon included visits to Scotland, France and Italy. According to ABC News, officials have said it is unusual to use a U.S. Air Force jet for such a trip.

The Office of the Inspector General for the department “is looking at all requests for and use of Government aircraft,” Rich Delmar, counsel to the Inspector General of the department, told MONEY. That includes reviewing Mnuchin and Linton’s use of a military jet last month to fly to Louisville and Fort Knox, Kentucky. The review will look into whether the couple used the trip to fall under the path of totality during the total solar eclipse that spanned across the U.S. on Aug. 21. Mnuchin denied that claim in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

It was that trip which Linton highlighted on her Instagram page in August, where she used hashtags to highlight designer brands she wore while descending the jet with her husband. Jenni Miller, a mother of three from Portland, commented, “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable.”


After coming under scrutiny, Linton made her Instagram private. She later apologized extensively in an interview with Washington Life, a magazine that covers the lives of the powerful and wealthy in Washington, D.C. Linton also appeared on the cover and in a full spread in the magazine, posing in ball gowns.

Is it any wonder why Twitler picked Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary? It must be like looking in a mirror.


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6 responses to “Only Label They Need: Gonifs

  1. Geez, these wealthy idiots make me fee ill. Moochers never can get enough. The rich and famous of course have no problem spending tax payer money. Indeed they are deplorable.

  2. singe

    The vision of the wife is like something out of a twisted fairy tale about an evil step mother who feeds the step kids road kill while she munches on the finest chocolates but listening to the husband talk in some weird intonation is like hearing the voice of a foppish private school brat’s ghost being channeled thru Ann Coulter’s soul after Beelzebub has taken possession of her.
    A simpler observation is that I could swear I saw these two at the dinner table in scene in Beatle Juice.

  3. These people really think they are medieval aristocrats entitled to leech off of the working masses for their luxuries. They’re like vampires.

    The orange dingbat can’t complain about you shrinking his hand this time, since you at least took the nail polish off. Whoever owns that castle might sue over the horrid TRUMP sign, though.

    • Do you know how difficult it is to find e-polish remover? Especially after a hurricane! Yet, I will not hold my breath waiting for a thank you.

      P.S. That’s a real Twitler sign, so Twitler can take it’s horridness with Twitler.