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What’s more important to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke — protecting Utah’s most endangered population of sage-grouse or leasing their habitat to oil and gas companies for pocket change? An auction held this Tuesday made the answer quite clear — nothing is more important than profits for oil and gas companies, even protecting imperiled wildlife.

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[…] Western governors and the Obama administration spent years working on collaborative plans to help the species rebound. Widely hailed as a success, the plans resulted in former Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announcing that the sage-grouse would avoid the endangered species list. Unfortunately, this success story is under assault.

Citing the Trump administration’s “goals of promoting America’s energy independence,” the Bureau of Land Management put 15,000 acres of public land in Utah’s West Desert up for auction, with winners receiving leases to drill for oil and gas over the next decade. The West Desert is home to the most imperiled population of greater sage-grouse in Utah, whose numbers have plummeted from 190 in 2006 to 23 in 2015. Remarkably, four of the nine parcels put up for auction overlapped with “priority habitat management areas” laid out in the BLM’s own sage-grouse land use plans.

The results of BLM’s oil and gas auction were laughable. Only three parcels received any bids at all, each at the minimum level allowable — $2 per acre. All told, the auction netted less than $15,000. That’s right — the BLM allowed oil and gas companies to pay less than the cost of a single Ford Focus to threaten the most imperiled population of sage-grouse in the state of Utah.


After just over half a year on the job, Interior Secretary Zinke’s priorities are becoming increasingly clear — support oil, gas, and coal companies at all costs. In leasing prime habitat for bargain prices, Secretary Zinke has seemingly killed two birds with one stone, jeopardizing key sage-grouse populations while propping up oil and gas companies at the expense of American taxpayers.

Onward in our project to replace all the department seals. Here’s the new Inferior…I mean, Interior Department seal:


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5 responses to “Inferior Secretary

  1. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke  is yet another example of a money grubbing bastard for the Model T presidency. You can bet that he will be getting kickbacks. $15k is so absurd it is not even laughable. As I continue to say, our country has gone to hell in a hand basket. And Model T, I’m sure has instructed all his little Indians to try their damn best to undo anything that the Obama admin accomplished. Model t. hates and that word is really not strong enough, Obama with a purple passion.

    • Twitler’s only agenda is to make as much money as he can while in office and erasing everything good that Obama did. Twitler is so miserable, because he knows he has never had a real friend and that his wives only married him for his money. His children see a tyrant with a checkbook. He is totally unloved and a laughingstock. Obama was very much loved and respected. How dare a black man be decent and popular while Mr. Privilege is despised and scorned?

      • Yep that is about he size of it of how Model T is viewed. Model T began his Obama tirade years ago with the “birther movement” and I thought then that Model T was up thinking about moving up the ladder. He could not digest the fact that a black man was running the country and he was bound and determined from that point on to discredit Obama’s legacy. Model T is only making himself look foolish and the GOP continues to sit back and allow him to denigrate our allies with his insensitive remarks and rile kim JUng with words that are far from diplomatic. If only he would keep his mouth shut and that goes for Haley and all the rest of the GOP that keep putting their big foot in their mouth regarding North Korea.

  2. Trump probably does not like birds, fearing that they will understandably seek to improve his toupée by voiding upon it from on high. I see that this time the hand is not shrunk, but the enlargement of his head gives the same effect.

    Zinke should be more empathetic since the name “Zinke” sounds like it should be the name of an endangered animal, probably some kind of creepy-crawly. It’s also German for “prong”, which is not much of an improvement.

    The seal is very topical, with the forest fires near us and the exploding oil refineries in Houston.

    Most of the damage Republicans do while in power can, one hopes, be reversed later when the adults are back in charge. But once an endangered species is let go extinct, it’s gone for the foreseeable future.

    • I think Twitler has a fear of birds ever since that eagle in his office tried to lay eggs in his hair.

      I think a zinke is a coiled children’s toy that gets stuck when it’s going up or down inclines so that it trips people and animals and kills them.

      I think it was on Bill Maher’s show (when he wasn’t bashing overweight people), he and guest were talking about “survivable” events. I honestly don’t know if having an all-Rethug government is survivable.