BLT: Bungling Legal Team?

From the New York DAILY NEWS:

Trump lawyer Ty Cobb was caught dishing on the White House’s legal drama amid the Justice Department’s Russia probe while dining at a Washington D.C. steakhouse, according to a report Sunday.

[Ken Vogel,] A New York Times reporter overheard the veteran D.C. lawyer with a large handlebar mustache “casually & loudly” airing his dispute with White House counsel Don McGahn. Cobb joined the White House’s legal team in July to assist with Russia-related inquiries.

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The Times report states Cobb unknowingly revealed that McGahn had “a couple of documents locked in safe” while meeting with one of Trump’s personal lawyers, John Dowd, at BLT Steak’s outdoor patio.

Cobb said he wanted the stash handed to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


McGahn, as Cobb explained, disagreed and feared that sharing the coveted documents would set a precedent for future investigations targeting the White House, the Times reported.


Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, after learning of the lunchtime disclosure, berated Cobb, according to the paper.

During the same meal, Cobb was heard slamming his White House colleagues, including one he suspected was a McGahn spy and another he believed was responsible for “earlier leaks” and trying to push out Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the Times added. Neither of the staffers was identified in the report.



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5 responses to “BLT: Bungling Legal Team?

  1. Meanwhile back at the crooked bar ranch and locked up documents… Lord have mercy it is like a cat and mouse game and I can’t tell who are the cats and who are the meese, er I mean mice.

  2. I’m not sure that these folks even rate as highly as the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. it would be hilarious if they weren’t running our country.

    • I almost used that movie a hundred times (actually, I might have used it, and I’ve forgotten). I hope they lose their law licenses. Attorney/client privilege and all that, even if the client is a piece of shit.