Twitler doesn’t get headaches; he’s a carrier

From People (I’m not kidding, People!!) Politics:

A photo of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reacting to President Donald Trump‘s menacing United Nations address on Tuesday has gone viral.

The photo, taken by Mary Altaffer of the Associated Press, shows Trump’s homeland security secretary turned chief of staff holding his face in his hand while listening to his boss, with First Lady Melania Trump seated in front of him.

The photo quickly made the rounds on Twitter, where many shared Kelly’s apparent distress over the president’s first speech at the U.N. in which he called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a “rocket man on a suicide mission” and threatened to “totally destroy” the East Asian country.

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“General #JohnKelly’s reaction to #TrumpUNSpeech speaks for us all,” tweeted one critic.

 “We feel your pain,” added another.


Trump is facing criticism over what some are calling his “warmongering” speech at the General Assembly, where he warned: “We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. The United States is ready, willing and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary.”

The president’s words were met with stunned silence from United Nations diplomats in the room, according to the official White House press pool report. “The applause for POTUS when he was introduced was muted at best and most in the room listened attentively but stone faced, many of them with earphones providing translation,” the report said. “At the end, there was fuller, polite applause, though not rousing or enthusiastic.”


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10 responses to “Twitler doesn’t get headaches; he’s a carrier

  1. If the nit wits – GOP elected officials, don’t do something fast to reign in Model T, we will be at war with Jung. When I initially read what T said I was stupefied and but, yes, I could actually believe that he would say all the wrong things. If he could keep his trap shut that would be the best possible thing. Since T has no family members who would need to evade the draft or what ever he does not give a flying fig. He has no common sense and no comprehension of what his words mean to someone who is also a bully. I swear T. has got to be demented or a crazed man.

    I’m afraid that we, as a nation, are deep doo-doo.

  2. I failed to add that J. Kelly probably wishes he had never taken the job. Why oh why aren’t T’s kids doing something about their dad? It seems they don’t care. He should have a prepared script written by someone that knows diplomacy. Why or why is that not possible or is the man so hell bent on showing he’s boss that he pays no one any mind? Are they all stupid? I suppose that is a stupid question because they are all ignorant.

    • When I was a teenager and working in a supermarket, I had a nasty customer who called me stupid. I deliberately started moving at a snail’s pace, and told her very sweetly, “I’m not just stupid, I’m slow, too.”

      Twitler is not just ignorant (as in uniformed on every subject he should not be ignorant of), he’s greedy and lazy and just not very intelligent, too. His kids only care about keeping their own asses out of jail and/or bankruptcy court, and the others around him are trying to figure out how they are going to pay their legal bills.

  3. the loony tic

    apparently this maniac can’t be controlled. even if his family is stupid, twitler listens to no one. if people in his administration are humiliated by his actions then why do they stay? oh that’s right, greed and power.

    • Like Infidel commented below, I think a handful of people still working in the White House feel and obligation to talk Orange Foolius out of whatever cockamamie plots Steve Miller and the other crazies are talking him into. At least, I am hoping against all hope that there are some who are actual patriots/human beings looking out for the best interests of the country and the world. That would explain someone like Kelly staying. There are others who are not essential and do not hold enough sway that they need to stay. For example, Gary Cohn. He made a little noise after Charlottesville, but he stayed in his post. He would have made a lot more positive difference had he denounced publicly and loudly his boss’s endorsement of Nazis than he will ever make as an economic adviser. Of course, his own self-interest was more important than calling out his boss as a Nazi appeaser.

  4. It’s bluster with intent to intimidate. Trump has a history of this — unfortunately for him, he also has a history of backing down later. On the wall, ACA repeal, DACA, etc., he always starts by staking out an extreme rhetorical position and then taking little or no action to follow up. Congressional Republicans have noticed this and now pretty much ignore him, because you can only bluff so many times before people realize that’s what you’re doing. Even the military is hardly budging on his vendetta against trans soldiers.

    Kim, too, has probably realized that Trump always farts pretty loud but doesn’t have the shit to back it up.

    As for Kelly, he and Mattis and McMaster seem to be hanging grimly on in their miserable jobs because there’s a chance that if someday Trump really does opt for some stupid and dangerous military action, they could talk him out of it. Their sacrifice should be respected, and I hope their insurance covers their no doubt massive Excedrin needs.

  5. Twitler is a lot of hot air and nothing else. He speaks loudly, but his stick is tiny and flaccid.

    I agree with your assessment of those who might be staying to fend off disaster if Twitler gets it in his mind that he wants to play war.

    I inserted a little joke just for you in my poster that starred Ty Cobb. You didn’t comment, so I’m not sure if you saw it or not. 😉