For money, Manafort will let you see his briefs

Washington (CNN)–President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort offered to brief a Russian billionaire on the election two weeks before Trump accepted the nomination, people familiar with the discussions told The Washington Post.

In an email, Manafort requested the message be sent to Oleg Deripaska, the Post reported Wednesday.

Deripaska and Manafort had previously done business together, CNN has reported.

Parts of the email from July 7, 2016, were read to The Washington Post. “If he needs private briefings we can accommodate,” Manafort wrote, according to the paper.

philip marlowe private eye

Original DVD cover

The email is one of troves that are being reviewed amid multiple investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the Post reported.

People familiar with the investigation told The Washington Post that the correspondence shows Manafort’s openness to gaining from his proximity to Trump, creating opportunity for the Russians to gain access to his campaign.


CNN reported earlier this week that special counsel Robert Mueller and his team’s investigation into Manafort spans back more than a decade.


Manafort previously has denied that he ever “knowingly” communicated with Russian intelligence operatives during the election and also has denied participating in any Russian efforts to “undermine the interests of the United States.”


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14 responses to “For money, Manafort will let you see his briefs

  1. I suppose Monofart’s earlier statement could still technically be true if Deripaska is merely a billionaire and not an operative. But of course in Russia the borders between the oligarchy and the regime are rather porous.

    The movie may not reveal much since the Russian flag pattern on the DVD suggests it’s incompatible with US DVD players. But Mueller is no doubt keenly interested in knowing what other Russians that saucy Monofart has been showing off his briefs to.

  2. I am suffering from outrage overload. My jaw never ceases to flap. Please, please can we have a day off of this shit?

    • Seriously. It’s hard to take all of this crap on top of watching the poor people in the Caribbean and in Mexico trying to cope with the horrors that occurred there, not to mention all the people still suffering from Harvey and Irma. I’m afraid to turn the TV on.

  3. Well, well so one more of Model T’s men has been and is currently under scrutiny by the FBI. This investigation, at the rate that it is currently going will drag on for years and allow T, another four years. Manafort looks like a crook and you had better believe that he most likely received payment from Russia.

    I feel the same way about the news. I have not had the TV on but one or two times each week and that was to watch AGT. It seemed harmless and at times inspiring . Besides some of the people had real talent- something that is missing in the White House. But- I forgot there is talent in the WH. Just about everyone is adept at lying.

    • Don’t even get me started about AGT. I hate that show with the intensity of a thousand suns. The talent can be very good. However, the nauseatingly obvious manipulation of the audience’s emotions and the phoniness of the judges is too much to bear. Yes,other “reality” shows manipulate emotions, too, but not like this crapfest. My sister and I have a recurring joke about these “talent” shows. When they introduce the newest contestant, we bet on what the sob story is going to be and whether it’s going to be sadder than the last one. What annoys me more than anything,though, is that is how the so-called news shows are now run. Lots of drama, little substance. And that’s how we got Twitler.

      • I still like AGT for the talent. You are so right about how the media played into the hands of Trumps’s vile, evil, and crooked team.

        • I just can’t see how anyone would want to spend a bunch of money to see a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old dancing in Vegas.When they pass an act through, the criteria should be Would someone spend big bucks to see this person perform?, not Who has just enough talent that we can make believe it’s all about that instead of his/her heart-wrenching backstory of how they had a really bad ingrown toenail, yet heroically learned to walk again? When I used to watch, I never saw many acts that a lot of people would actually pay to see. How interesting is it to see someone shot out of a cannon after the first time? I did see some very innovative and interesting acts when I used to watch, but they weren’t innovative and interesting enough to make me sit through those phony nauseating judges (who have no talent (except for Howie Mandel) and no taste) Beside all that, the winner is really getting screwed by the production company. I read years ago that the contestants don’t really get the money. Google and you’ll see how production really screws over the winners. Stop and think. Besides the ventriloquist guy (Terry something), have you ever heard of any of the winners again?

          Like I said, don’t get me started on that show.

          • You are correct I would not pay to see a nine year old perform but the girl that won this year really is talented. I can not find any fault about that. Yes, the money is paid out over 40 years or something. The reward amounts to exposure and their own act in Vegas. Whether they last or not is immaterial to me, I don’t see any particular talent in Bieber, Swift, or Cyrus or any of the other young singers that have somehow managed to get to the top with superb management and publicity. They are not good gifted singers but show their almost naked bodies and make sexually suggestive moves on stage. Cowell is the producer and he is a piece of work but he can be kind but maybe that is fake too. I am not one to judge the how and why of the show. I have followed the Olate’s dog act that won a few years back. And they are doing better now than before they were on the show. Yes, the show is geared toward heart grabbing in some instances. All the people on there want to be famous and that is not possible. But I do like seeing singing acts and the dog acts and that is why I watch, I am not entertained by shooting guns, science fiction, aliens, and blood and guts shows. I watch PBS and CNN but for what it’s worth I have cable disconnected most of the time and don’t watch anything. I don’t like to idly sit and watch TV. My life is ebbing away at 80 plus years and I can’t waste it on bs TV.
            This is, as the say, too much information but I’ll write it anyway.

            The guy’s name is Terry Fator and he is from a small town not far from where I live in Texas.

            Now I am one of the those Texas hicks and not too bright about many things. But I am not a red neck nor a racist and I am proud to say that I have close friends of color and I like Mexicans and any minority. I’m about as liberal as one can be and that’s why I get a kick out of your blog. It makes me laugh and learn about some things that I had not yet read about.

            • I didn’t mean to sound mean. If you enjoy AGT, then by all means, you should watch it. It’s not up to me to dictate what people like or don’t like. Even though I know that reality shows are anything but reality, I do watch some. I like Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Voice. I watched Dancing With the Stars until the last season, but I recorded it and fast-forwarded through the judges’ comments and Erin Andrews’s nonsensical interviews. I no longer watch it, because I can no longer stand the constant focus on the Chmerkovskiy brothers. I think they (especially Maks) are overrated and obnoxious. If there is a spectacular dance, it will make it to YouTube, and I can watch it there instead of wasting 2 hours a week watching the show.

              I think reality shows bug me the same way politics bugs me. When I
              see the same emotional manipulation over and over again and know that it’s only purpose is to make money for someone, it makes me angry that there are more talented and innovated people who are not given a shot, because they don’t fit into the preconceived slots,

              And don’t ever say that you’re not too bright, Yvonne. Intelligence is not dictated by where you live. Intelligence is gained through curiosity and reaching out to those with whom you might disagree and being open to their opinions. You do that every day.