Heckuva job, Brawny!

So, kids, Twitler showed up in Puerto Rico for his photo op, and, of course, he managed to fuck that up like he fucks everything else up. He played catch with paper towels while his trained Pomeranian Melanoma wife Melania stood around looking awkward in her new disaster-chic look.

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Don’t give me credit for the fabulous title of this post, kids. That was tweeted by John Dingell, former Congressman from Michigan and national Twitter treasure.


President Donald Trump visited local officials and residents in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, congratulating them and boasting almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria left many of the island’s 3.4 million people without power, water or food.

At his first stop, a briefing with federal and local officials, Trump lavishly praised them. He then repeatedly turned to individuals around the table and invited them to offer their own praise — while insisting, “It’s not about me.”

When Puerto Rico’s governor told Trump that 16 people so far had been reported dead, the president lauded officials and minimized the hurricane’s damage, suggesting it was not “a real catastrophe like Katrina.”


While Trump bragged about the official number of dead, the final death toll will likely turn out to be higher. Poor communication services have hindered reporting, and current living conditions on the island could jeopardize more lives, especially those of the sick and the elderly.

Trump also appeared to joke about the cost of the storm damage.

“I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack,” he said.

The group of officials around the table applauded several times. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, whom Trump has repeatedly attacked online, did not join in, “keeping her hands clasped in front of her,” according to a White House pool report.

The trip comes after Trump repeatedly bragged about his administration’s response to the hurricane’s devastation, blamed the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico for its debt crisis and called Cruz “nasty” for criticizing the federal government’s sluggish relief efforts.


Trump contends his administration has done a “great job with the almost impossible situation.” Puerto Rico, he noted, was already facing crippling debt before the storm. He said Texas and Florida were “doing great” in the aftermath of hurricanes that hit those states last month.


Following the briefing with federal and local officials on Tuesday, Trump visited with storm victims. He again praised officials for doing “a fantastic job,” as people showed him the storm’s damage to their homes, pointing out broken windows and noting power outages.

“We’re going to help you out,” he told them. “Have a good time.”

During a stop at a church, he threw rolls of paper towels into a crowd.

In truth, conditions in Puerto Rico remain dire.


Still, almost all of Puerto Rico is without electricity, and about half the population lacks drinking water.



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9 responses to “Heckuva job, Brawny!

  1. Throwing pauper towels to a crowd that desperately needs water, food, cell phones, electricity, medications, health care, and materials to rebuild is just about the most inadequate, poorly thought out publicity stunt and asinine patronage of the people of a US territory that is imaginable.

    What more can this man do to make a complete ass of himself and his entourage? In my very insignificant opinion it was disgraceful.

    • It was not thought out. That’s the problem. The asshole-in-chief thinks he’s funny and intelligent and that whatever pops into his mind is a good thing to do. He lives in reality show TV, which is never real and is always edited, and believes that anything stupid that he says or does will stay on a cutting room floor. He’s so devoid of empathy that he has no understanding that the optics of what he did were horrible.

      • I think you have the answer. I never thought about that. At any rate is was pitiful and all his backers think he did a marvelous job of pitching paper to folks who are desperate for supplies.

      • That’s being very nice. I think he was being a jerk & enjoying it.

        • Hi Your Majesty,

          Welcome to The Raisin. 😀

          Raisinettes are all very nice people. We would never call Twitler anything mean, like liar, narcissist, moronic, racist, misogynist, homophobe, delusional, ignorant, disgusting, pig, devoid of all intellect, empathy-free, tone-deaf, or hypocritical. In fact, I have no idea why those words even sprung to mind. 😕

          Hope you will stop by and comment again. 🙂

  2. Loonie tic

    The only paper these people need is green. I wish someone had thrown a roll back & bopped twitler on the head with it, tho it wouldn’t have knocked any sense into him.

    • CNN says Twitler was being all kinds of presidential in Vegas and redeemed himself after the disgusting display in PR. I guess they figure he was presidential, because he didn’t throw paper towel rolls around to sop up all the blood.

  3. singe

    He is such a funny, funny guy….he should rent himself out as an entertainer at funerals for kids who died of starvation.

    • Maybe he can just go to some place with starving kids and eat a steak with ketchup and a beautiful piece of chocolate cake in front of them. That would be hilarious! 😆