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Morongate (or, if you prefer, the Moron-Contra scandal) has left President Trump’s relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson understandably tense. Axios reports that not only is Trump’s confidence in Tillerson “broken beyond repair,” the president is floating a succession plan to move CIA director Mike Pompeo into Tillerson’s job. There is, however, one catch.

Earlier this week, John Hudson reported that the firing of Tillerson would trigger the exodus of two other Trump cabinet officials. Hudson’s source, he wrote, “expressed confidence in Tillerson’s status due to a so-called ‘suicide pact’ forged between Defense Secretary James Mattis, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Tillerson, whereby all three cabinet secretaries vow to leave in the event that the president makes moves against one of them.”

the pact

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There are plenty of reasons for skepticism that this suicide pact would actually hold. For one thing, the reason Mattis is working his job is clearly to protect the country from the massive risks to world stability and the rule of law posed by Trump. […]  The presumed characteristics defining the suicide-pact team are some essential role in safeguarding the functions of government, and a presumed disgust with Trump’s ignorance and/or bigotry. Mnuchin would appear to satisfy neither criteria. He has publicly affirmed Trump’s rants about Charlottesville and the NFL protests, which have disgusted even many otherwise pliant Republicans. And his value to the government ranges from negligible to minus-$800,000. Finding a Treasury secretary with a better grasp of conservative policy and a less embarrassing wife seems very doable.

But, still, the suicide pact might well be a real thing. If so, the question becomes whether the three use the threat to safeguard Tillerson’s job, or whether the cabinet is about to see a mass exodus.


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13 responses to “Pact-Man

  1. The Moron-Contra scandal! Bahahahahaha…

  2. If Tillerson leaves his job, we might well be in a pile of doo-doo. I admit that I am not a political junkie and know next to zero about the WH and the people who actually seem to be working. But thus far, even though he has had or still does have interests in Russia, he just might be one man that can keep us from all being killed or having to learn how to speak Korean.

    • I don’t think any of those bozos are indispensable. I also wonder if it any of them leaving would actually make a difference since their boss keeps undermining them when they do something that doesn’t benefit him.

      • the reason Mattis is working his job is clearly to protect the country from the massive risks to world stability and the rule of law posed by Trump.

        And that’s why I wouldn’t want him, at least, to go. Trump does seem to have some respect for generals. We don’t know what horrors we’ve already been spared because he or Kelly were there to talk him out of launching a nuclear strike on Antarctica or whatever. Besides, word is out that working in Trump’s dysfunctional cabinet is a nightmare, and not many people would want to replace whoever leaves next. Who knows what he’d dredge up as the next Secretary of Defense. Sarah Palin?

        Tillerson, I concede, is probably dead meat since he dared call a moron a moron.

        Munchkin is never going to live the air travel thing down, is he…..

        • I honestly don’t know which one of them to trust. I heard today that previous chiefs-of-staff reached out to Kelly, and he didn’t even return their calls. Is he independent, or is he arrogant? That sounded a lot of alarm bells for me. You would think that someone who has not been in a political position before would welcome some tips, at the very least, from people who have been there and know the ins and outs of that position. The government is not the military, and the rules are different.

          I’m sure Tillerson took the position in the first place, because he wants to get rid of the sanctions and make nice with his buddy Vlady. Just because he doesn’t want to get blown up by Little Kim doesn’t make me trust him.

          As for Mattis, I don’t know how much I want a guy nicknames Mad Dog around.

          Do I trust them more than I trust Twitler? Absolutely. However, I trust my dog more than I trust Twitler, and Macho would steal the food right off your plate if he was tall enough to reach it. That said, I don’t trust Pence either, or Ryan or Hatch, so I don’t know what the answer is other than to hold on and hope that there is something left of this country once this national nightmare is over.

      • True, Model T is bound and detrmined to do damn well as he pleases” so all in all you make a valid point that thus far it appears he has not and will not listen to reason as there are some folks that know about government, policies and diplomacy and clearly T. does not.