Idiot Quotient


President Trump did not imply he was smarter than Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his top spokesperson said Tuesday, claiming his offer for both to take an IQ test was a joke.

“The president certainly never implied that the secretary of State was not intelligent. He made a joke. Nothing more than that,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Tuesday.

Hahaha. Another Twitler so-called joke goes over like a lead balloon.


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Sanders’s comments came after an interview Trump gave earlier on Tuesday, in which he suggested he could beat Tillerson at an IQ test.
That remark follows a report from NBC News last week that Tillerson, frustrated with the president, called Trump a “moron.”
From Slate:


President Donald Trump is challenging his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test. In a Forbes interview published on Tuesday, Trump characterized reports that Tillerson called him a “moron” as “fake news,” but said that if they were true they should compare intelligence tests.

“I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests,” Trump said. “And I can tell you who is going to win.”

Based on previous instances of Trump denigrating the IQ of adversaries, it seems as though he believes he would win.

The Washington Post cataloged several such instances in a piece published on Tuesday. They included:

  • Trump saying he has a higher IQ than George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
  • Trump saying his IQ is higher than TV host Jon Stewart’s.
  • Trump challenging the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to an IQ test.
  • Trump repeatedly denigrating Rick Perry’s IQ and saying he should have been subject to an IQ test before being allowed to participate in a Republican primary debate.

As the Post noted, both Perry and Tillerson—whose IQs have now been called into question by the president—are part of a presidential Cabinet Trump has stated as fact is “the highest IQ of any Cabinet ever assembled.”

Mensa has offered to administer IQ tests to Rex and Twitler.  Twitler refused, because he thinks Mensa has something to with women’s periods. Haha. That was just a  joke…or was it?


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7 responses to “Idiot Quotient

  1. I love that “EMOLUMENTS – Deliveries in back” sign. I know I’ve seen it here at least once before.

    Given that Suckabee-Handers is acting as Trump’s Baghdad Bob, the nose on her Pinocchio badge should be much longer. Trump’s claim to have a higher IQ than Obama, all by itself, would extend the nose to transcontinental length.

    If he thinks Perry is so stupid (and for once I’m inclined to agree), why put him in charge of maintenance on our nuclear power plants and weapons? Not the act of a smart person, one would think.

    • I remembered that I had the emoluments sign saved, and I thought the pic needed some accessories. If you added up the IQs of the entire cabinet and Twitler, they would not be as high as Obama’s or Hillary’s. Add to that, Little Ricky Goodhair can’t even dance!

  2. I don’t watch DWTS but Perry was better I’m sure than what Twitler could do.
    I can not stomach Perry either. He is a joke. I call him big hair Perry.

    And we all know that intelligence wise, T would come out the loser if pitted against Tillerson. Ole Rex simply has the look of a high IQ. Trump is so pathetic and childish. It seems he takes pleasure in keeping some sort of feud going. Don’t you the Europeans and Canadians and probably the entire world are having a field day reading about Model T.?

    • I don’t know what Rexxon’s (my new name for him) IQ is. I don’t think he’s any kind of a genius, but he’s not stupid. As for Twitler, based on his vocabulary and complete inability to think on his feet, I think he’s even dumber than Little Ricky Goodhair, and that’s pretty damned dumb.

      • Noonie when it comes to new names for so-called important people or celebs or politicians or what ever, you are the best and I thought that I was pretty good. My husband was really good at nick-naming and had a name for all his workers, He called me Avon (for Yvonne). But anyhow I love Rexxon for Tillerson and Little Ricky Goodhair is great. I had always called Perry, Mr. Big Hair. As for the pres. Presently, I like to call him at this time, Donald Dumber and Pence is Pence of Peace. Twitler keeps putting his foot in his twisted mouth and I wonder if his feet are as small as his hands.

  3. the loony tic

    if someone brags about how wonderful their marriage is then it usually isn’t. and if someone brags about their i.q. then they usually don’t have one. if twitler wasn’t such a twit then there’s a slight possibility that we might be a little bit embarassed for him.

    • Dubya was dumb, but people had a drop of sympathy for him, because he was just a puppet. Deadeye Dick and Rummy and the other real power behind the throne were the targets for disdain. This asshole gets no sympathy whatsoever, and neither do his enablers.