Disorganized Crime

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For all her photogenic grace, a new report outlining Ivanka Trump’s involvement with a fugitive from Panama, makes it seem like the first daughter’s apple doesn’t fall far from Donald Trump’s shady tree.

In 2007, Ivanka Trump, met with a host of foreign investors, including Russians, in Panama to discuss the new Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower, which would include luxury apartments on the water, as well as a casino.

One of Ivanka’s guests was Alexandre Ventura Nogueira […]

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Nogueira, 43, took special interest in Ivanka, who was heading the Trump Organization’s Panama project. Ivanka was impressed with Nogueira’s sales skills and she enlisted him to broker the development investment project.

Nogueira’s reputation, however, was far from sterling.


Ivanka, of course, denies ever meeting or speaking to Nogueira, which is ironic considering they appeared in a promotional video together.

Panama is known for being a hotbed of corruption. 


Alan Garten, the chief legal officer at the Trump Organization, says the company’s role “was at all times limited to licensing its brand and providing management services. As the company was not the owner or developer, it had no involvement in the sale of any units at the property.”

Adding that the Trump Organization “never had any contractual relationship or significant dealings” with Nogueira.

However, in an interview with Reuters, Nogueira confirmed that he had worked with the Trumps on the Ocean Club project, which involved members of the Russian mafia.


In 2005, Roger Khafif, a developer, met with Trump in New York to discuss the Panama project.

Khafif recalls that Trump wanted the project to be headed by Ivanka. He proceeded to set up a meeting in 2006 in Panama with Nogueira, Ivanka and several other real estate brokers.


Nogueira said that in the following months he met with Ivanka to discuss marketing and sales in Panama, Miami and New York. They also took a trip with other investors to view a site for a potential Trump project in Cartagena, Colombia.

According to Nogueira, the day to day operations were handled by Ivanka.

“I spoke to her a lot of times, a lot of times.” He also met with Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.

Though the Trump family denies any ties to Nogueira, his real estate company is listed as the seller for half of the 666 apartments at the complex.


In 2013, Nogueira was recorded by a former business partner, saying that he had laundered tens of millions of dollars in Miami and the Bahamas.

“More important than the money from real estate was being able to launder the drug money – there were much larger amounts involved,” he said. “When I was in Panama I was regularly laundering money for more than a dozen companies.”

In early 2007, a party was held at Palm Beach’s Mar-a-Lago to celebrate breaking ground on the Panama project. Guests, which included Regis Philbin, were hosted by Donald Trump and his children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka. Nogueira was also there and met the current president.


Other guests included Russian investors, such as Alexander Altshoul, who has stated that “Russians like their brand names,” referring to Trump.


Among Altshoul’s business partners was Arkady Vodovosov from Moscow, who was sentenced to five years in prison in Israel in 1988 for kidnapping, as well as threats to kill and torture.

Altshoul was at the Mar-a-Lago party with Russian investor Stanislau Kavalenka, a former pimp, arrested for kidnapping prostitutes.

Following the Mar-a-Lago party, the Panama project “pre-sold approximately 64 percent of the building’s condominium and commercial units” for profits of $278.7 million.


The problem was that Nogueira was not just selling property to individuals. He was often selling the same condominiums to two or three different people.


Nogueira was eventually arrested for fraud in May 2009. After being released on bail, he fled Panama two years later to Brazil, where he is now under federal investigation for international money laundering

Despite the fraud charges, the Trump family still profited from the project, earning between $30 million and $50 million from licensing fees.



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9 responses to “Disorganized Crime

  1. chezmoi

    Business as usual for the Trumps and their carefully vetted associates.

    • You would think that, with all that money on the line, they would be careful of whom they are dealing with. That leads me to believe that their business associates are vetted, and the Twitler corporations are happy to work with organized crime or any other crooked organization. That’s what Fred Twitler taught his son–as long as there’s a buck in it for you, don’t worry about the law.

  2. the loony tic

    with all that twitler has to cover up & the time it takes him to tweet, one has to wonder when he has the time to run this country?

    • He’s not running the country. He’s hired a bunch of incompetent crooks to run it for him, just like his businesses. Soon Ivanka will bring in this Nogueira guy to sell Alaska to both Russia and China at the same time, and invest the proceeds in tropical resorts in Antarctica.

      No need to deliver cash only in the back — the laundry machines are always available for any currency.

      When Mueller finally issues his full report on the Trump family’s crooked business dealings, the document will be so massive it will undergo gravitational collapse and become a black hole.

      • I’m waiting for Twitler, Ivanka and the rest of the crime family to explain the double- or triple-selling of the condo units. I suspect they will take credit for inventing timeshares,and the whole thing was legit.

    • He has no interest on running this country. He just wants to make lots of money to bail out all his failing businesses and to play golf on the taxpayers’ dime. Mission accomplished.

  3. Indeedy, what else is new besides the Trump kids and daddy-o wheeling and dealing with Russian mafia riff raff and money launderers. The things that continue to be reveled. It is mind boggling and here are three apples that fell near the tree who lie and try to present a lily white image. They might be running a close second to Bernie Madoff.