Purls of Wisdom?


Vanity Fair faced sharp criticism on Wednesday from supporters of Hillary Clinton after the magazine posted a video with “New Year’s resolutions” for the former presidential candidate that included retiring from politics.

A video posted on the magazine’s Twitter account Tuesday featured Vanity Fair writers suggesting new hobbies for the 2016 Democratic nominee, including “knitting” and taking “more photos in the woods.”


Original magazine cover

“Get someone on your tech staff to disable autofill on your iPhone so that typing in ‘F’ doesn’t become ‘form exploratory committee for 2020,’ ” advised another writer.

Clinton has repeatedly denied that she is planning a 2020 presidential run, and spent much of the year on a book tour for her memoir, “What Happened.”

From Salon:

Intended to be biting and funny, writer Maya Kosoff ran aground — and ran afoul of many — when she suggested Clinton, “Take up a new hobby in the new year,” with the options being “Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy ― literally anything that will keep you from running again.” It was the suggestion that the former secretary of state take up knitting that aroused ire across Twitter.

Specifically, users took umbrage with the sexist implications of telling a woman what to do and the inclusion of the very gendered imperative to knit.

You can see some of the Tweets responding to the video here.

In addition to Maya Kosoff (pictured above) the other   shitheads  HIVE editors being incredibly not funny in the video are Abigail Tracy, Claire Landsbaum, Bess Levin, Benjamin Landy and Jon Kelly.


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8 responses to “Purls of Wisdom?

  1. the loony tic

    i always wonder why others feel a need to tell people what to do. like all of us, hillary is perfectly capable to deciding what she wants to do with the rest of her life. i’m glad to see we finally reached a day and age where being told what to do & adding insult to injury by recommending knitting is now politically incorrect.

    • I wonder why it’s only Hillary and her family who are subject to all of these life coaches. I don’t remember anyone telling any of the other candidates of losing campaigns to get off the stage. Hell, they practically fellate Bernie Sanders at every opportunity, even though he lost to her. Even Chelsea was subject to a attempts to silence her and control what she is and is not allowed to do.

      • There’s a certain mentality which is simply far more comfortable being bossy and condescending toward a woman than toward a man — even if the woman is a prominent person. There are even some women who share that mentality, as in this case.

        didn’t anyone at VF stop and say that this is insulting to women, not just to Hillary?

        Men in authority in the publishing field, as in many other fields, tend to be older and steeped in the values and habits of an earlier time. They may also have felt that the video couldn’t be misogynistic since it was woman-made. Vanity Fair has apologized to Hillary, so I guess they’ve learned their lesson. To some extent.

        • I’ve seen only one so-called apology, and unless there is a new and better one, they can take it and shove it. It was a non-apology apology and totally worthless. It took them 4 days to come with: “It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark.”

          There are times when women play the gender card as kneejerk reaction, and I think it does a lot of damage. On the other side of the scales, there are women who are happy to pile on other women, and that does even more damage, because it gives permission for everyone to pile on. VF has a new female editor Radhika Jones, so you can’t blame men (other than the ones in the video) for this one.

  2. What a knitwit. OK, so she doesn’t like Hillary and chose to express it with the kind of tone-deaf “humor” we usually expect to hear from Republicans, the kind that comes of hanging out only with like-minded people all the time.

    Oh, well, for most people reading this it will be the first time they’ve ever heard of Maya Kosoff and by next week everyone will have forgotten about her. Hillary will be remembered for decades.

    Vanity fair should have known better, though. Let’s hope the bad case of Hives they got from posting this will alert them to avoid doing anything similar in the future.

    • Knitwit <– I see what you did there! 😆

      If it was just one knitwit, Maya Kosoff, that would just be a stupid remark by someone who was not thinking. However, there were six of them. They are writers and editors and actually sat around and thought this up, recorded it, edited it, and most likely watched it over and over, and they still thought it was a good idea! With the atmosphere around misogyny (and to a degree,ageism) that permeates everything in the news these days, wouldn’t you think these little millennial darlings might have thought that it might not get a very good reception? As you point out, Infidel, didn’t anyone at VF stop and say that this is insulting to women, not just to Hillary?

  3. So the writer is telling one of the most accomplished women in American politics what she should do with the rest of her life? Right. As Infidel753 wrote, the writer will be long forgotten while Hillary Clinton and her accomplishments will be in the history books. She is, once again, the most admired woman in America.

    • Hello Shaw Kenawe,

      Welcome to The Raisin! 😀 I’ve seen your comments at other blogs I visit, and it’s nice to see you over here.

      If it was just one writer or editor who was suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome, the proportional response would have been Screw you! and then going on with our lives. However, there were 6! How could 6 supposedly intelligent people not see how insulting this is, not just to Hillary, but to every woman? You are correct that this writer and her cohorts will be long forgotten while Hillary takes her rightful place in history, but the misogyny and ageism that they displayed and celebrated will be here for a long time to come.

      Hope you will stop by again soon, Shaw. Happy holidays! 🙂