Where’s the beef?

Alan Dershowitz has an essay over at THE HILL. He talks about how Rep. Maxine Waters told supporters to let Twitler officials and others in government know of their discontent by peacefully annoying them in public places. Well, poor Dersh! He opines that “rude extremists” are the bane of our existence! Nobody listens to the other side, and the new McCarthy era has begun!

Even old friends of his on Martha’s Vineyard are shunning him! Oh, the humanity!

alan dershowitz

(Full credit for #Martha’sVineyardStrong goes to Paleo at Daily Kos)

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From Dersh at THE HILL:

But I have defended Trump’s civil liberties, along with those of all Americans, just as I would have defended Hillary Clinton’s civil liberties had she been elected and subjected to efforts of impeachment tor prosecution. My book, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump,” could just as easily have been the case against impeaching Hillary Clinton. Indeed, I wrote such a book about Bill Clinton, “Sexual McCarthyism: Clinton, Starr, and the Emerging Constitutional Crisis.” I am opposed to appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and I was against it for Trump. I am a liberal Democrat in politics, but a neutral civil libertarian when it comes to the Constitution.

But that is not good enough for some of my old friends on Martha’s Vineyard. For them, it is enough that what I have said about the Constitution might help Trump. So they are shunning me and trying to ban me from their social life on Martha’s Vineyard. One of them, an academic at a distinguished university, has told people that he would not attend any dinner or party to which I was invited. He and others have demanded “trigger warnings” so that they can be assured of having “safe spaces” in which they will not encounter me or my ideas. Others have said they will discontinue contributions to organizations that sponsor my talks.

This is all familiar to me, since I lived through McCarthyism in the 1950s, when lawyers who represented alleged communists on civil libertarian grounds were shunned. Some of these lawyers and victims of McCarthyism lived on Martha’s Vineyard. I never thought I would see McCarthyism come to Martha’s Vineyard, but I have.

I ask every one of you, my dear Raisinettes, to remember the words of attorney Joseph Nye Welch, which you might have seen on old newsreels, when he said to Joseph McCarthy:

Have you no sense of how hungry poor Alan is, sir? At long last, have you left not even an appetizer?




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6 responses to “Where’s the beef?

  1. singe

    Alan is suffering from Ironsides Derangement Syndrome. Winning the “Most Likely to be Shunned” award in law school just did not satisfy his need to be detested.

    • Cut him some slack. He’s in Martha’s Vineyard, so I’m guessing he’s just trying a new whine. 😉 Hey, if Sarah Chuckleberry Sanders has anything left from her cheese platter, she should get together with Dersh. A package of crackers, and they’ll have all they need!

  2. darkblack9999

    Gasp! Tell me this egregious outrage isn’t so! Discount caviar & day-old canapes, the knowing sneer of the valet parking attendant…The pearls, they clutch themselves. 😉

    • Darkblack! So nice to see you! ❤

      I don't know if I can sleep tonight knowing that poor Dersh might have to get his poached pears to go. Do you want to start the GoFundMe page, or should I? Fainting couches don't come cheap, you know.

  3. I think a big part of these people’s basic problem is a mind-boggling lack of empathy. It simply doesn’t occur to them how bizarre it is to expect sympathy for a wealthy person being socially shunned while thousands of people are having their children taken away — because other people’s feelings aren’t real to them. Only I, and to some extent other people similar to me, actually matter. It’s a kind of emotional solipsism.

    • It’s stunning to me that they consider their own “exile” as something far worse than the plight of little children at the border.Just goes to show you that money can’t buy class.