Learning their ABCs: Ammo, Bullets & Calibers

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – In Sacha Baron Cohen’s provocative new comedy show, American politicians are filmed backing a fictitious program to teach kindergartners how to use guns to defend themselves in school shootings.

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In a seven-episode series launching on cable channel Showtime on Sunday, the British prankster takes on four different personas as he satirizes the political and cultural life of the United States in the era of President Donald Trump.

In the first episode of “Who is America?”, previewed for media by Showtime, Baron Cohen poses as an Israeli anti-terror expert who gets two U.S. congressmen to voice support for his fake “Kinderguardians” scheme for children as young as three.


Republican congressmen Dana Rohrabacher of California and Joe Wilson of South Carolina, along with former Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, who is now a lobbyist at a Washington law firm, are shown enthusiastically backing the idea, alongside gun rights advocates and a former congressman-turned-talk radio host, Joe Walsh.

You can see the clip of Ol’ Dana, Putin’s favorite congresscritter, and the others over at Think Progress.

And, kids, if you ever thought that David Frum is now one of the reasonable Rethugs, because he opposes Twitler, think again. He actually tweeted this:

I’m really really not loving this game where repeatedly takes advantage of people’s affection and respect for the State of Israel to deceive and humiliate them.

He’s perfectly fine with children becoming “first grenaders,” but he takes offense at political satire that draws out the unfettered zeal the Rethugs have for the NRA and its money.


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2 responses to “Learning their ABCs: Ammo, Bullets & Calibers

  1. The risk is that some Republicans will actually pick up this idea and go with it, proposing it as a serious plan. If you proposed arming zygotes to deter abortion, some of them would probably support it.

    The Russian flag tie pin should be mandatory for Republicans who support Trump — which seems to be pretty much all of them.

    • Someone on Twitter remarked that kinderguardians is really funny until it becomes a Rethug policy a few months from now. After today, the GOP should change their mascot from an elephant to a hammer and sickle. Anyone who stands by Twitler after today’s total capitulation to Putin is as treasonous as he is.