Well, I’ll be a flying monkey’s uncle!

From NBC News:

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, said Wednesday that any meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin would be put off until 2019 because of special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt.”

Witch hunt? Why, that can only mean one thing!

wizard of oz flying monkey john bolton

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His use of the phrase also mirrors language frequently used by Trump in referring to Mueller’s investigation. (Trump has tweeted the phrase 89 times as of Wednesday afternoon, according to a count by NBC News).


Mueller has given no indication as to when his investigation into Russian election interference, which includes probing whether people associated with the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow and also whether the president has attempted to obstruct justice, will come to an end. Since Mueller’s appointment, at least 30 individuals have been charged with crimes, including five who pleaded guilty (among them Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser), as well as 13 Russian nationals, and 12 Russian intelligence officers.

The shift from the White House Wednesday marks a stunning turnaround for the president, who last week invited Putin to Washington this fall despite facing intense bipartisan blowback after his cozy summit with the Russian leader in Helsinki, Finland.


The White House’s postponement announcement Wednesday also comes just a day after a top Russian official played coy in responding to the invite. On Tuesday, Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov wouldn’t say whether Putin would accept Trump’s invitation.

According to Reuters, Ushakov said only that the two leaders would have other opportunities to meet.


U.S. lawmakers, meanwhile, reacted favorably to Bolton’s announcement Wednesday. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the delay was “great.

Oh, Bob Corker, how I wish the wizard could give you and each of your Rethuglican committee members a spine!


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12 responses to “Well, I’ll be a flying monkey’s uncle!

  1. singe

    a spine or a heart or a brain…..

  2. I wouldn’t expect much from the Wizard. He never did jack about the illegitimate wicked-witch regime in Oz. Of course that was because he, as the Supreme Being of Oz, didn’t actually exist but was just an illusion created by a con man to intimidate people so he could control them (probably my all-time favorite movie metaphor, and quite perceptive back in 1939).

    As for our own problem, the Republican flying monkeys will mostly just obey the Orange Witch of the West so long as he is there to command them. If November’s tornado delivers us a Dorothy capable of throwing the water-bucket of impeachment over him, that may change.

    Bolton makes a rather past-his-prime flying monkey, but I still wouldn’t want him around. Pigeons are bad enough.

    • I found this on Wiki. There are a few examples of political interpretations of the Wizard of Oz, but this one amused me the most:

      In 1993, W. Geoffrey Seeley recast the story as an exercise in treachery, suggesting the supposed “Good Witch Glinda” used an innocent, ignorant patsy (Dorothy) to overthrow both her own sister witch (Witch of the West) and the Wizard of Oz, leaving herself as undisputed master of all four corners of Oz: North, East, West and South (and presumably the Emerald City). She even showed her truest “Machiavellian brilliance” by allowing the story to be entitled after the weakest of her three opponents. Glinda could have told Dorothy that the “silver slippers would easily do the job [of returning Dorothy to her beloved home] but decided that a destabilizing force such as Dorothy might be just the thing to shake up her other rival [The Wizard of Oz].

      Bolton has always wanted to portray himself as a real tough guy. Well, I think he screwed the Toto when he signed up with Twitler if he wants to continue that facade.

      P.S. Thanks, my friend, for the link at C&L. Much appreciated!

  3. Oh, Lord. I will think of Bolton that way for life. The gift that keeps on giving.

    And I didn’t know Putin was hemming and hawing on the invite. Guess he’s smarter than the average bear. 😏

    • Elyse it is my fervent prayer that we don’t have to think about Bolton ever again once Twitler is gone.

      Putin is smarter than his little puppet. This was a win-win for him. First, he publicly humiliated Twitler by declining the invitation and making sure any meeting would be on his terms and on his schedule. Second, he knows that his presence here right before the election would be a disaster for the Rethugs. He is hoping that they remain in power, because he doesn’t want anyone standing up to his little puppet and blocking anything that is favorable to Russia.

      • Bolton is a bad penny. He shows up with his Yosemite Sam mustache every few years 😟

        And I agree about Putin. He clearly has Trump’s number and will milk it. 💩

        • Bolton was a dangerous asshole, but I think he’s been gelded. He’s just there for decoration now. I hope everyone remembers that we got Bolton because of Chimpy and Deadeye Dick, and people should not be falling over themselves to praise Rethugs who hate Twitler. Once Twitler is gone, they will be back on the other side and still promoting the same old tired ideas they used to. I see Dems on Twitter lavishing praise on Ana Navarro. Meanwhile, she brings up Jeb Bush every chance she gets and makes him out to be some paragon of virtue. Tell that to the family of the guy who got shot and killed over a stupid parking space, because some asshole said he feared for his life, even though the guy was walking away. His family and Ana can thank Jebbie for signing the stand-your-ground law. Same with Nicolle Wallace. She’s Rachel Maddow’s friend, so she must be okay, right? Whenever Twitler does something outrageous (that’s every day), Nicolle will point out that Chimpy never did that, but she leaves out that he was a fucking moron who got us into two wars by knowingly lying. Same for Steve Schmidt, who brought us Sarah Palin and a host of rightwing radio hosts and opinion writers who have suddenly seen the light but are still responsible for Twitler and where we are today.

          Sorry to rant, but that drives me out of my fucking mind.

  4. Just heard this news today. You know you’re screwed when you invite an evil dictator into your “home” and he refuses the invite. Is it because he already got what he wanted in Helsenki?

    • My dear Eleanor! It’s been so long since you visited! So nice to see you. ❤

      I'm sure Pooty-poot got exactly what he wanted in Helsinki. Just look at the body language when he and Twitler walked out for the press conference. More precisely, Pooty practically did pirouettes up to his podium while Twitler slowly trudged to his.

      P. S. Congratulations on being a mother-in-law. I think we should start picking out baby names immediately, because you want to be prepared just in case. (By the way, they simply can't go the Kanye baby-naming route, because East or West German just isn't going to fly. 😉 )

      • Nonnie, you are hilarious! I wished we lived near each other because we’d have to have coffee/lunch at least once a week so that I could laugh, and laugh, and laugh…I think you missed your calling as a comedienne. I’ve been in so much wedding planning mode and book research mode that I don’t have much time to visit blogs. I had a brief moment after the return from the wedding which is why I dropped by one of my favorite bloggers. Take care.

        • I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitresses, try the veal. Ba-dum-bump!

          It’s always a pleasure when you stop by. I wish we could have a Raisin convention and all meet.

          All the best to your beautiful daughter (that dress was gorgeous!) and your handsome new son-in-law. Now where are the grandchildren (I have to live vicariously through others)?