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During an interview on Sunday’s edition of This Week, Jay Sekulow — one of President Trump’s lawyers — admitted he was wrong last year when he claimed Trump “wasn’t involved” in dictating a misleading statement for his son about the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his campaign and Kremlin-connected Russians who offered political dirt on Hillary Clinton.



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After initially denying Trump was involved at all, Trump’s legal team — including Sekulow — sent the special counsel’s office a memo early this year acknowledging Trump had in fact dictated a statement for Donald Trump Jr. claiming the meeting he arranged was “primarily” about Russian adoptions — not, as revealed by emails Trump Jr. subsequently released, to obtain damaging information about Clinton.

On Sunday, host George Stephanopoulos pressed Sekulow on the disconnect between what he said last summer and what he now acknowledges to be the case.


Sekulow pinned blame for his false statement on “bad information” that was fed to him.

“Well let me tell you two things on that one. Number one, as you know George, I was in the case at that point, what, a couple of weeks, and there was a lot of information that was gathering, and as my colleague Rudy Giuliani said, I had bad information at that time,” Sekulow said. “I made a mistake in my statement, I’ve talked about that before. That happens when you have cases like this.”

Nope, that’s what happens when you have a client like Twitler.


[Sekulow continued,] “So, I think it’s very important to point out that in a situation like this, you have, over time, facts develop.”

No, asshole. Facts don’t develop. Facts are facts, and they keep being facts. Bullshit stories and cover-ups develop.

And Sekulow still sounds like a laxative.

From Joel Mathis at PENN LIVE (opinion):

Let’s start by stipulating that every American accused of a crime, no matter how rich or poor, has the right to a lawyer.


That’s even true when the likely criminal defendant is Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

Still, it’s worth talking about one of the president’s lawyers — Rudy Giuliani — and what the evolution of Giuliani’s career to becoming Trump’s most visible lawyer means about justice in the United States.

Rudy, you’ll remember, rose to prominence as a “law and order” guy. He made his bones prosecuting corrupt officials and mafioso as the U.S. attorney in New York — he became a Republican mayor of New York by promising a crackdown on crime and, once in office, delivering. He didn’t do that without some controversy, though.

For a long time — decades — Giuliani never met a law he couldn’t apply more rigorously, more harshly than the other guy.


Sometimes that was good: The mob members and corrupt officials he prosecuted really did deserve to go down. But oftentimes, it was overblown — with little regard for the lives or rights of the poor people and minorities who lived in his jurisdiction.



He goes on television and tries to mock the law into meaninglessness, spouting nonsense statements like “Collusion isn’t a crime.”

This is untrue and he knows it: As US attorney, he used the RICO Act to prosecute mobsters for conspiring to commit murders, loan sharking, extortion, labor racketeering and drug trafficking.

Conspiracy? That’s just another word for collusion. Yes, it’s a crime.


A career defending poor and unpopular clients often requires a sacrifice.

Being a prosecutor, on the other hand, means never having to say you’re sorry. Neither does defending the rich and powerful.

So, yes, Trump deserves legal representation. And lawyers deserve to make a living. But Giuliani’s career proves something we need to keep remembering: The best justice is available to the rich, the powerful, the popular. Amadou Diallo never got a Rudy Giuliani to defend him. That’s a privilege reserved only for the Donald Trumps of the world.

On a personal note, I was on a jury for a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case. I am hoping that Twitler and his henchmen will be tried under RICO, because they are all members of an ongoing criminal organization. I’ll gladly volunteer another 14 months of my time to sit on the jury.


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6 responses to “RICO Suave

  1. Oh boy, this is mouth watering to learn more about Giuliani and the way he operated. But his latest spiel is so inane and senseless that it boggles the mind. I first read about him saying that collusion was not a crime several weeks ago, I think. I was dumbfounded. He really thinks people will believe his bull. I imagine all repubs believe it but anyone with any sense at all are not believing his manure packed lie.

    • Rudy 9-11 is a joke. He always has been, but the joke used to be private. He had a reputation as a tough guy who won a lot of cases when he was a prosecutor, but in reality, it was the lawyers working for him who won, and Rudy 9-11 took credit for it. That seems to be a Rethuglican trick. Even Laura Pickles Bush was guilty of that. I used to know someone whose kid went to the same school as the Bush twins. Laura would be on committees, do nothing, but when the rest of the committee members accomplished whatever it was they were doing, Pickles was there to take credit and accept accolades.

  2. the rub

    republicans are now down to creating an alternate universe they know their base will believe. the problem is that over half the country doesn’t buy into their bullcrap. hopefully they will disover this in november. (btw, i love putin peering in from the back window. lol!)

    • I get the feeling that Vlady is peeking over all of our shoulders. It’s like the entire country is being bugged, and we have to figure out our own secret codes or only speak outside in the parking lot.

  3. singe

    In the end Rudy will go back to rifling the vending machines at the Riker’s Island family visit room but this time it will be with Commandant Bone Spur as his cell mate and the visitor will be Bernie Kerick who himself will end up back in stir for trying to sneak ecstacy in for the lads.