Something stinks in Nebraska!


This week, what began as an innocent Facebook like ended with Ari Kohen, an associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, filing a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s Chief of Staff for threatening him over the phone.

It all started when Kohen liked a Facebook post featuring a hilariously defaced campaign sign in which Fortenberry was given googly eyes and his name changed to “Fartenberry.” Kohen was one of 130 people who liked the post.


Original cereal box

According to HuffPost, a Fortenberry campaign staffer then “took a screenshot of Kohen’s dastardly Facebook like… then notified the congressman’s D.C. campaign office (and also, apparently, Kohen’s employers).”

This is insane enough, but Fortenberry’s Chief of Staff, Dr. William “Reyn” Archer III, for some reason took it upon himself to call Kohen and threaten him over the phone. A recording of the call was later posted on YouTube by the political group Seeing Red Nebraska.

On the call, Archer is heard scolding Kohen for liking a post that he says, could be seen as encouraging vandalism.


“No, I’m not,” Kohen responds, incredulously. “Your argument is that anything I like on Facebook represents an endorsement by me of the thing ― not the post, but the thing ― that is happening in the world?”


The argument between the two, which lasted nearly an hour in total, escalated to the point that Archer threatened to take the conflict public.

“We have a First Amendment opportunity to put you out there in front of everybody,” Archer says. “We can do that publicly. Would you like that? That’s our First Amendment right.”

Instead, it was Kohen who made the absurd confrontation public in a Twitter thread today, explaining what happened in the call and why he decided to make a official complaint against Archer to the Office of Congressional Ethics.


“His intention was to violate my First Amendment rights; to have a chilling effect on faculty speech. That’s obviously hugely problematic by itself, and then he threatened me,” Kohen told HuffPost, when asked about the conversation. “If you listen to the recording, it’s very clear. It’s worded as a threat, and the way he says it, it comes off as aggressive.”

“If there wasn’t this whole attempt to intimidate and threaten, if there wasn’t a shooting at a synagogue the day after they called me, I wouldn’t have thought anything about it,” he said.

Archer has denied threatening Kohen.


Kohen said he did send a follow up email after the conversation thanking Archer for the communication, and “also asked why people in positions of authority are using that authority to try and intimidate people,” according to HuffPost. He says he plans to release that communication as well.

Kohen is right—Archer’s warning that he could create an online firestorm around Kohen’s politics is in fact a very real threatTargeted harassment of university faculty through social media and in real life is a growing problem.


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8 responses to “Something stinks in Nebraska!

  1. Friend of the court

    hey nonnie, I thought, from the title , that this post was about the old fart, Gassley. I voted today.

    • Gassy is in Iowa, but I bet he stinks in Nebraska, too.

      Yay, you voted!!!!! ❤ I thought you were going to wait until election day. Never can be too careful, though, so it's a good thing you went out of you way to do so.

  2. Here it goes again, The repubs are copying what their leader does- intimidate and threaten if anyone goes against their grain. I call it, “follow the leader.” If Trump, does it, then it must be ok. Of course, this is nor quite the same thing that Twittler does but it is along the lines.

    I voted early in my state of Texas. Got a friend registered over a month ago and then she went with me to vote. First time ever to vote. The folks at the polling place announced to everyone, “hey, another first time voter.” There were three first time voters at the time we were there. I think it made my friend feel good.

    • They aren’t copying Twitler. Twitler copied them, but he raised their misbehavior and general nastiest to a fevered pitch and revealed that it was okay for the others to be assholes in public instead of in quiet private settings,

      Good on you for voting early and for convincing a first timer to register and vote. I wish Tuesday was over with already. The suspense is killing me. My stomach hurts when i watch the news on TV.

  3. I.Can’t.Even.

    As in I can’t even think of anything clever to say. Insert face palm here.

    • Same here, my blog sistah. I was just Netflixin’ and chillin’ with the first episode of The Haunting of Hill House. I don’t like horror, but I wasn’t even scared compared to the anxiety I have been going through for months. I wish tomorrow was over with already. I wish we could have faith in our elections. I believe there are more Democratic votes out there, but I am scared shitless of the voter suppression and the dirty tricks the GOP are pulling.

      • My mother, who passed away in 1997 won’t let me watch horror movies. Not since the time I got scared during one and grabbed on to the closest thing to me and squeezed. It happened to be my sister Judy’s neck. 🤷‍♀️

        But I am ready for it to be Wednesday. And hoping for really good news. 🤞🍀🤞🍀🤞🍀❤️🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊