Lock Her Up!

From CBS News:

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and a top White House adviser, sent hundreds of emails about government business from a personal email account last year, CBS News confirms.

The emails were sent to White House aides, Cabinet members and Ivanka Trump’s assistants, many in violation of public records rules, The Washington Post first reported Monday.


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President Trump mercilessly criticized his 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for using a private email server during her time as secretary of state, labeling her “Crooked Hillary” and saying she belonged in jail. Crowds at many of his rallies chanted, “Lock her up. Lock her up!” referring to Clinton’s email practices.

An administration official confirmed the Post report and was aware of Ms. Trump’s emails, and characterized them as containing information related mostly to logistics and personal interests.


The discovery was prompted by public records requests from the liberal watchdog group American Oversight. The group’s executive director, Austin Evers, said in a statement, “The president’s family is not above the law” and he called on Congress to investigate.

“For more than two years, President Trump and senior leaders in Congress have made it very clear that they view the use of personal email servers for government business to be a serious offense that demands investigation and even prosecution, and we expect the same standard will be applied in this case,” he said.


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11 responses to “Lock Her Up!

  1. the rub

    i wonder if ivanka will be sent to her room without her butteremail bar? oh that’s right, rich kids don’t get punished.

    • Nothing will happen to her, but Rethugs like Lindseypoo will be dogged with questions about why he is not investigating her when he has already announced he plans on investigating Hillary’s email again.

  2. gregory gallina

    Ivanka, Jared, Uday and Qusay would have so much to offer the other prisoners in stir. One can only hope that by Christmas they have been sentenced and are serving time so they can teach popcorn stringing and poinsettia trimming to their cell mates.

    • Hello Gregory,

      Welcome to The Raisin! 😀

      Is it mean to hope that there are no designer prison uniforms for the daughter/wife and no hair products for Daddy/husband and her brothers?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. Friend of the court

    We are lucky that they are so stupid.

  4. Trump and his clan are above the law and that is how it has always been and will continue to be. His supporters are of the same bent and caliber and as long as there is a cult following, well they figure no one cares.. It’s a mystery to me how those folks function when they trip on their own lies. I think they all have lied so much that they have no clue were they truth begins and ends. Yes, it is ironic but hey, what do does Ivanka care? She functions like her daddy.


    • They function, because the Rethugs have never made any moves at all to rein them in. Once the new Congress is sworn in, the free ride is over. The Dems have subpoena power, and they will be looking into things way more important and harmful than Trademark Barbie and he email. I can’t wait for Maxine Waters to demand Twitler’s (and hopefully Jared’s) tax returns. Things are going to get ugly for the Twitler family, even uglier than Malaria’s turkey pardoning coat.

  5. Heh…..Gotta love all those Trumpesque candy varieties. None of them sound all that tasty though. And it’s hard to imagine Ivanka wearing such a “conventional” outfit.

    I’m sure I’ve heard “feckless” in relation to her before…..:-)

    • Infidel, don’t buy any of that candy! Anything that comes from any Twitler enterprise is going to leave a foul taste in your mouth. There was a clip of the daughter/wife on TV today in which she was wearing an outfit not too unlike that one. And feckless? I don’t know what you are referring to! 🙂