Junior folds like one of his father’s cheap suits


Donald Trump Jr. has struck a last-minute deal to comply with a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The two sides have been at odds over the length and scope of the interview, raising questions about whether Trump Jr. would defy the subpoena and be held in contempt of Congress.

According to the terms of the deal, Trump Jr. will sit for an interview sometime in mid-June for between two and four hours, with the scope limited to five or six topics pertaining to his communications with Russian officials.

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The agreement ends a standoff between Trump Jr. and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.), which had split Republicans in the Senate.


The president’s allies were furious with what they viewed as congressional harassment, arguing that Trump Jr. had testified for more than 24 hours to committees in the House and Senate and that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had declared “case closed” on the Russia matter.

McConnell stood behind Burr, but the intraparty split put Republicans in an awkward position with President Trump’s son.



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10 responses to “Junior folds like one of his father’s cheap suits

  1. Friend of the court

    I would not want to listen to that snotty little punk lie for 5 minutes. These congress people are tougher than me, for sure.

    • He’s going to plead the fifth and/or lie. Therefore, every committee member should have to do a shot each time he does so. That way, they will be more prepared to listen to that pompous untalented entitled asshole, and we will be able to tell what happened behind closed doors by how much the members stagger when they leave the committee room. That has to be televised.

      By the way, why did they agree to a closed hearing? He can’t claim executive privilege, because he is not a member of the administration. Since he is not part of the administration, he can’t give away any state secrets (if he knows any, then someone needs to go to jail for telling him), so why behind closed doors?

      • Therefore, every committee member should have to do a shot each time he does so.

        You want them all to collapse from alcohol poisoning? They won’t stagger out, they’ll have to be carried out on stretchers.

        I love how you replaced the book in the father’s hand with a McDonald’s bag! It’s little details like that that make these things.

        The Trumplet has a reputation for not being very bright. Let’s see what he manages to stumble out with. Trump Sr must be crapping his pants at how close these investigations are coming.

        • When I saw the book in the original, my thought was, “What can I leave for Infidel to find on his IMAX computer monitor?” Actually, I started using this particular comic today, and I was going to change the name of the product and the name of the newspaper from GRIT to GRIFT. I was going to have Chi¢ken$hit Junior asking how they got rich, and Twitler was going to answer that he started grifting when he was young. I had the whole blurb typed out after an agonizing half hour trying to figure out what I wanted for it to say. I had the newspaper done with the new name and a pic of Roy Cohn on it. That’s when the talking head on TV announced that Junior was going to testify, and I had to rethink the whole thing. By the way, did you notice the name of the newspaper? I think I might actually start it!

          I should have been more careful while articulating my plan. I think only the Rethugs on the committee should be forced to do a shot every time Junior lies or pleads the fifth. I don’t care if they get alcohol poisoning. It would be really hilarious if Tom Cotton, in his drunken stupor finally admits that he is in love with Chuck Grassley .It might work for the Rethugs. It might make them all a little bit more human.

          • Oh, yes, I noticed the name of the paper. But surely The Daily Outrage should be much thicker. We’re living in an age of rage…..

            • It’s a two-page special edition for people like Chi¢ken$hit, Jr., who has the attention span and the reading comprehension of his father.

  2. Of course the little arrogant bustard will lie just like he did in the past. A waste of time in my little ole opinion which does not mean a hill of beans. In a pretty world, the democrats could hopefully wear down all the liars but that is not going to happen.

    • The only positive I can think of is that he might lie again under oath, and even though it’s behind doors, it will still be on the record and prosecutable. I am not putting any of my eggs (now under complete control by the state of Alabama) in any basket. I am putting my faith in the AG of New Yawk,

  3. I like the “Shot per lie” proposal, Nonnie – we all need one and a good laugh to get through these times.

    • I had a discussion with Modernzel at Daily Kos. We decided that only the Rethugs had to do the shots since they are the ones covering up for Twitler and Chi¢ke$hit, Jr. Modernzel had the excellent idea that the shots would have to be Twitler vodka, just because it would be almost poetic.

      Nice to see you, CITG!