How the cookie mumbles


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson downplayed his “REO” gaffe during a congressional hearing on Tuesday and claimed the incident was attributed to partisan attempts “to ridicule people.”

“We throw around acronyms all the time, particularly in government,” Carson said in an interview with The Hill. “And you don’t really even think about what do the letters mean? But you know what the things is.”

I wonder if he had the same kind of acronym problem when he was in medicine. After all, does what EEG stands for really important to a neurosurgeon? Anyhoo, in other news, the new HUD seal was revealed today.


Original seal

Carson’s testimony during a House Financial Services committee hearing on Tuesday became viral after he appeared to be confused with a basic acronym used for foreclosures in the real-estate industry.

Democratic Rep. Katie Porter of California asked if Carson knew of REO rates, or real-estate owned rates, to which Carson answered by referencing the Oreo cookie.

“Do you know what an REO is?” Porter asked Carson.

“An Oreo?” Carson said.

“No. Not an Oreo,” Porter answered. “An R-E-O. An R-E-O.”


Carson suggested the entire incident was fueled by a partisan divide.

The HUD secretary was appointed by President Donald Trump and has been criticized for lacking experience in the housing industry. A new HUD rule is also under scrutiny for proposing that government shelters may be allowed to regulate its inhabitants based on their sexual orientation.

“They try take those moments to ridicule people, because they’ve probably read Saul Alinsky’s book and they know that’s one of the rules,” Carson said to The Hill. “It’s just so silly.”




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4 responses to “How the cookie mumbles

  1. therub

    got milk? no but i’ve got an ‘R-E-O!’

  2. At one time, accusing a black person of being an “oreo” meant they were black on the outside and white on the inside. Hmm. Is everybody thinking this about Carson and just not saying it? Carson and Clarence Thomas are similar in this regard, seems to me. They are both convinced their success in life was achieved without help from anyone else, something completely absurd. Narcissism seems to be epidemic in this administration.

    • Jim, I don’t think anyone is thinking of Ben Carson as anything other than an unqualified idiot who has no business being the head of HUD, just as most of the cabinet members are unsuited for their positions and are in place only because they kiss the orange ass of Twitler.

      Ironically, if anyone is thinking of Carson or Thomas as “Oreos” it would be Twitler and his acolytes, as they have proven through their birtherism and anti-immigrant stances that they think anyone who is not white is inferior.