That’s gonna leave a stain


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday dismissed criticism from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, stating in an interview on Fox News Radio that one thing he’s “not going to worry about is pleasing Joe Scarborough.”

The push back comes after Scarborough, who left the Republican Party last year after saying he could not be in a party that backed President Trump, said Graham had “sold his soul” by supporting the president on a number of issues.

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“Lindsey Graham has a Republican primary in 2020,” Scarborough said. “He was having trouble in the state of South Carolina and recent polls show that among Republican senators he has one of the better approval ratings with the rank and file in the Republican Party in the state of South Carolina.”

“He basically … sold his political soul for, you know, 20 percentage points inside his own Republican Party. I guess, unlike John McCain, Lindsey Graham didn’t have the confidence and the assurance in his voters that he could speak truth to power and still get reelected in his state,” he added.


“I’m a senator from South Carolina, people want me to help this president,” Graham, a vocal Trump ally on Capitol Hill, told host Brian Kilmeade.


“Senator, by the way, actually, everything that you stand for, you want to get more aggressive in Venezuela, you’re stronger on North Korea now and the president used to be somewhat reserved,” Kilmeade said.

“You’re happy you’re taking action against China. You’re not happy he made comments against Joe Biden. You’re doing play-by-play,” he said. “You’re not going out of your way to rip him, but I think you’re being totally consistent with who you are. There’s not one thing you’re saying that you don’t believe. You’re in current by President Trump’s aggressive approach to our chronic problems.”

The senator replied saying that he simply could not worry about the MSNBC host’s comments.



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4 responses to “That’s gonna leave a stain

  1. therub

    gotta get re-elected! otherwise, what would he do with his time? perhaps keep those pretty legs shaved?

    • I have a feeling that Lindseypoo doesn’t have to shave anything and is only covered with the finest of peach fuzz, which is fitting since peaches are South Carolina’s official state fruit.

  2. ZOMG That Trump-hair toilet brush is perfect! It really deserves its own picture. Finally the full, rich, real head of hair he wishes he had — and actually serving a useful, if humble, function. The tiny arms and puckered baby mouth make it even better.

    Callus remover for knees? A futile effort. He should invest in a set of knee-pads like Congressional interns are said to do. In any case I really doubt his actual legs are anywhere near that good.

    I do not overlook the sad symbolism of McCain’s picture on the floor, replaced by Trump’s on the wall.

    Any special significance to the palm tree and crescent on the curtain?

    which is fitting since peaches are South Carolina’s official state fruit

    I thought Graham himself was South Carolina’s official state fruit? OK, OK, I’ll go away now.

    • Infidel, I wish I had thought up that toilet bowl brush, but I saw it for sale months ago, and I was excited to have a place to put it. Investing in a pair of kneepads at this point would really be closing the barn door after all the cows have escaped. The curtain is actually the South Carolina state flag. It was fun turning it into a curtain. I didn’t know that I could sew! I stand (actually, sit) corrected. Lindseypoo is (or should be) the official state fruit, though he probably tastes rotten.