Fox no longer guarding the hen…I mean, White House?

From The Wrap:

After a summer spent lashing out at his once-favorite network, President Donald Trump hit Fox News again Wednesday morning for what he called “terrible” coverage of Democrats, prompting response from at least one of the channel’s high-ranking anchors.

“The New FoxNews is letting millions of GREAT people down!” he wrote in a series of tweets that chastised the network’s on-air coverage of Democrats. “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

Fox News has not issued a comment but senior political analyst Brit Hume wrote back, “Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you.”

It isn’t?

the break-up

Original movie poster

Other journalists echoed Hume’s concerns about the president’s multi-tweet tirade.


Vox’s Aaron Rupar wrote, “Trump isn’t even trying to disguise the fact that he thinks Fox News should be Trump State TV and broadcast 24/7 MAGA propaganda” while the Washington Post’s Eugene Scott wondered, “what would happen to Trump’s support if Fox News, tired of these attacks, actually started covering the president’s administration more critically.”

Numerous others, like CBS News’ Kathryn Watson, focused one on particular quote: “Fox isn’t working for us anymore.”

Wednesday’s criticisms echo recent ones. In July, Trump said Fox isn’t made up of “proud warriors” anymore and said it “ain’t what it used to be.”



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9 responses to “Fox no longer guarding the hen…I mean, White House?

  1. I love that maybe just maybe some of the commentators on Fox have finally awakened to the fact that El Trumpo is really not God. I can just bet the El Trumpo is about to come unglued as feels his support from Fox is beginning to dwindle.

    • I think that the employees at Faux News are simply following orders. I’d bet that Rupert and the boys have decided that Twitler won’t be around long, and it’s time to cut bait.

      • Hmm, that very well could be the case. I had not thought of that prospect. I saw something to the effect that Twitler thinks he should have extra times as “President” because of the investigations re: his Russia connections. The man has no shame when it comes to self entitlement.

  2. Fox hasn’t “turned against” Trump — he just thinks they have because they’ve been giving some coverage to Democrats, and because even Fox polls now show him turkeying out, election-wise. They have to report on such things to maintain even the most threadbare façade of being a real news organization. Once it started happening, Trump inevitably flew into a snit. Fox is a Republican propaganda channel. Trump just doesn’t realize there’s a limit to how blatant they can be.

    I could actually imagine Trump eating KFC in bed. Gross.

    • Hi Infidel! Long time, no see. I think that Faux has turned against Twitler in the sense that they are now allowed to call him out, and I think it will be subtly get worse for him . Howevah (because there is always a howevah), it is and will remain a Rethuglican propaganda extravaganza. I think they are going to slowly back away from Twitler and start to more openly cozy up to the Rethugs up for reelection this time around and in 2022. You can already see some Rethugs like Toomey delicately criticizing Twitler, and he is not being lambasted by anyone at Faux. I think all the Rethugs will start distancing themselves, except in the most rabidly red districts, with no blowback from the Goebbels wannabes at Faux. By the time 2022 comes around, they’ll all swear they never heard of Twitler, and they don’t know why anyone is criticizing them.

      Good to see you. I’ve been reading your Sunday links, but I have to do it in spurts, as things are hectic down here (and will become moreso very soon (thanks Dorian!), so I haven’t been commenting. Hopefully, things go back to normal soon.

  3. Agree with you, Nonnie—Fox is shifting gears because they smell blood in the water, and they don’t want to be eaten along with the Orange One when he becomes chum to a woke electorate.

    • My dearest Eleanor,

      It’s always about the money to Uncle Rupie and the boys. They don’t really have any ethical center. They just want to make money, and if they sense that Twitler won’t do anything for their ratings and advertising income, then they will throw him under the bus just as fast as he throws anyone who is not longer useful to him is adorned with tire tracks.