Stick it where the sun don’t shine!


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs closed out his show by recounting a visit to the White House with superlatives approaching propaganda levels, praising the “sunshine” in the administration.

“A lot is happening in Washington and across this great country of ours. And it’s because we have a president who is a true leader. And I believe will be regarded as one of this country’s greatest presidents,” he said.

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“The mood in that White House couldn’t be more positive and high energy,” he said. “I have seen a number of White Houses. I saw this one in its early days and I saw it now. The joint is hopping.”

“This White House is energized, there’s sunshine beaming throughout the place and on almost every face. It’s winner and winning center, and our president is at the top of his game … this president is reveling in it all,” Dobbs said.

But wait, kids, there’s more! While Lou took a break from slathering himself in sunscreen, he made time to be anti-Semitic! Where does he find the time? From DAILY BEAST:

During a Wednesday night interview with right-wing provocateur Michelle Malkin, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs smeared liberal Jewish financier George Soros with an anti-Semitic trope[.]

Dobbs brought on Malkin, who recently told Fox News that Soros is funding the “illegal alien lawyers lobby,” to hawk her latest anti-immigrant book, and it didn’t take long for her to portray Soros as a “globalist” bent on destroying America’s sovereignty.


Dobbs then took Malkin’s comments a step further.

“It is extraordinary and I think most people, I’ll include myself, cannot conceive of why a man would fund efforts that would work against sovereignty,” Dobbs said. “Work against our laws—there are laws against illegal immigration—and to see his tentacles reach out into various non-government organizations and nonprofits that are working with everything from the Koch Brothers to the Southern Poverty Law Center, as you document through this book.”


Last year, the Anti-Defamation League commented on the anti-Semitism behind many of the Soros-related conspiracies the right has spread for years, many of which have recently made their way into the mainstream.


Nazi propaganda, meanwhile, used images of a Jewish octopus spanning the globe and wrapping around political institutions during the 1930s. Neo-Nazi groups have continued to promulgate this trope in recent years, specifically referring to Jewish “tentacles.”

A frequent guest of Dobbs’, Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, was banned from Fox airwaves last year after he claimed migrant caravans from Central America were funded by the “Soros-occupied State Department,” parroting the anti-Semitic smear of a “Zionist-controlled government.”

Two days after Farrell made his comments, an anti-Semite killed 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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4 responses to “Stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  1. I can’t bear to watch Faux News myself but this post is enough (for me) to verify that it has only gotten more sycophantic. Who’d have thought it was possible? Not I.

    • Jim, I can’t bear to watch Faux News either, so I rely on the reporting. Faux News watchers need to watch some documentaries about brainwashing and gaslighting and cults. I remember when Lou Dobbs was sane. I wonder if this is a matter of money driving his zealotry or if it’s just his true self coming to the surface.

  2. I would think that someone is funding Lou Dobbs the Fox news mouth piece who is nothing more than a parrot for Trump propaganda. I can see no other reason than money that would cause him to go on TV and say how much good and gladness has filled the WH since El Trumpo arrived. To top it off El Trumpo will be seen as the greatest president. He will be great alright- the greatest mistake the American people ever made at the voting booth. I thought that once upon a time I watched Dobbs on CNN. Maybe not but years ago that is the channel that I watched.

    • I think Faux News is trying to cover all their bases. Twitler and Brit Hume broke up, so someone has to come along and carry the water for Twitler. It was Lou Slob’s turn. I remember watching him on CNN. He was a perfectly reasonable guy. I guess the money was too good at Faux, so he sold his soul. I think the hair dye and the new teeth did something to his brain, too. Maybe his pending divorce from his Mexican-American wife has something to do with his siding with Twitler. You’d think that he would have more respect for their 4 children, but I suppose money means more to him than they do.