One Direction

From upolitics:

At a Trump campaign fundraiser in August, Ivanka Trump told donors she got her “moral compass” from her dad, President Donald Trump.

ivanka compass

In front of a group of around 120 high end donors, the first daughter and advisor to the president was asked about what personality traits she thinks she inherited most from her parents. […] Ivanka said her mom, Ivana Trump, taught her how to be a woman of success and power. Then without skipping a beat, she told the crowd she inherited her moral compass from her father, according to what two attendees told Politico.

The fundraiser was organized by Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as part of a retreat in the Wyoming mountains and moderated by ex-Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart, even included a call in from the president that reportedly delighted guests.

I wonder if she means the other kind of compass. You know, the kind we used in school to make circles. You can stab someone in the back with the pointy side.



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6 responses to “One Direction

  1. When I read IT’s statement of getting her moral compass from her Twitler father, El Trumpo, I just about fell out laughing. I suppose she really thinks that what they do is perfectly moral as well as legal. Those people really are all about themselves. So utterly brazen and also clueless about what makes the world turn. She is a narcissus too.

    • I hope that Daughter/Wife knows how despised she is. The cult members might cheer for her, but sooner or later, she is going to have to live outside of her bubble, and she will see well her moral compass serves her.

  2. She probably means sexual moral compass.

    • I think both of her parents are responsible for instilling into Unwanted Barbie that anything and everything is acceptable if it means putting money in your pocket.

      By the way, I was doing a bit of googling, and I never noticed before that Ivana and Twitler were married April 7, 1977. Junior was born on December 31st of that year. One has to wonder if she was knocked up when they got married. Other fun fact, she claims she had an IUD implanted when she got pregnant all three times. Read it for yourself. It’s pretty hilarious.

  3. This statement by the daughter of The Lord of the Lies demonstrates the apparently limitless human capacity for rationalization. No doubt the crowd was entertained by it even as they rationalized being there themselves.

    • The lack of self-awareness in the Twitler family is astonishing. Are they in deep, deep denial, or is their sense of entitlement so great that they don’t accept how despised they are around the world? You have to wonder what the next generation of Twitlers are going to be like. Will they continue the family tradition of selfishness and self-aggrandizement, or will some sliver of reality breach their bubble so that they become decent people?