Secreting Aging Man

Hey kids, it’s been a while since we had a song parody! I think Rudy 9/11 Giuliani, Twitler’s personal super-secret envoy to Ukraine, deserves one.

rudy giuliani salivating

To the tune of Secret Agent Man (written by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri, performed by Johnny Rivers):

There’s a man who needs a diaper changer,

Every time he speaks, it just gets stranger,
Rudy is his name, and he got sent to Ukraine,
Odds are, he will change his tale tomorrow.

♫ ♪

Secret envoy man, secret envoy man,
They’re mopping up your spittle, but it will leave a stain.

♪ ♫

Watch him as he’s screaming at Chris Cuomo,

chris cuomo
Rudy’s singin’ more than Perry Como,
He just fucked up again,
He confessed on CNN,

cnn logo
Odds are, he’ll be on Fox News tomorrow.

faux news logo

♫ ♪

Secret envoy man, secret envoy man,
They’re mopping up your spittle, but it will leave a stain.

♪ ♫

Secret envoy man, secret envoy man,
They’re mopping up your spittle, but it will leave a stain.

♫ ♪

Have to wonder how much more he’s hidin’,
As he tries to slime Uncle Joe Biden,
I’m sure he’ll let the wrong words slip,
From his Cheeto-dust-encrusted lip,
Odds are, Twitler disowns him tomorrow.

arms folded small

♪ ♫

Secret envoy man, secret envoy man,
They’re mopping up your spittle, but it will leave a stain.


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11 responses to “Secreting Aging Man

  1. my wife is yelling at me, thanks to you, nonnie:
    my laughter is drowning out Adam Schiff on Rachael.
    she’s got a point!

    thank you yet again for sharing your amazing talent.
    i literally LOL’ed.
    (& literally got in trouble bc right after I yelled at everyone that we’re gonna be quiet and listen to Rep. Schiff’s comments on Maddow since he’s got new warnings to the Orange Turd not to intimidate/tamper with the witness/whistleblower, I violated my own warning)

    • Ilya!!!!!!

      It’s been forever! so glad to see you here!

      I think we’re dating ourselves by admitting that we remember this song and that show. I think I’ll say that my mom told me about it.

      My profound apologies to Susanna and the kids. I am watching Rachel, too, but I paused it so I could sing with the music and make sure the lyrics fit.

      I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think Twitler is going have to borrow some of those Depends from Rudy (several, because just one won’t fit). He’s in trouble, and he has no idea what to do, because he can’t buy his way out, and the people whom he would have to intimidate will not be intimidated. I always had faith in Nancy Pelosi. She gave Twitler just the right amount of rope to hang himself with.

      Hope you’ll stop by again soon. Hugs and kisses to you and Susanna! ❤

      • we want to hug you!
        & yes, it is so hard not to let our hopes soar last couple of days.
        then again, all one needs to do is to watch that weasel Devin spin his lies under the guise of questioning the acting DNI today. that was my dose of sobriety today.

        speaking about dating ourselves, who’d ‘ve thunk we’d live to the day when Mittens is the voice of courage and reason in the GOP?! how low is that effen bar?

        • I haven’t watched the testimony yet. I have it recorded and will watch it tonight. I’ve seen snippets, but I like watching the whole thing without the commentary. Why couldn’t this have happened when all the reruns were on instead of the week when all the new shows are out?

          Mittsie is just another Rethuglican Profile in Sewage. He’s nothing more than Susan Collins in a suit and a safe red state. His hanky-wringing and pearl-twisting doesn’t impress me. If he came out and said he would vote to impeach, then I’d be impressed. The Rethug governors of Massachusetts and Vermont just said they’re in favor of impeachment. Yes, they probably have to say that, because they’re in blue states, but every little bit helps, right?

  2. i stole bits here and there on CNN, streaming on my work pc.
    i think we’re on the same page on Mittens; i’m simply struck how far the landscape has collapsed on the other side to make his spine stand out. i mean, this is the same mittens who was grovelling at dinner w trump 3 years ago hoping for a Sec of State spot. & that’s now the closest GOP comes to …integrity? backbone? moral? law & order? words fail me…

    waiting for Lindsay to put his brand of lipstick on this trumpig in the coming days. then we’ll see some exoskeletal gymnastics.

    • The ones who really get me are the ones who are retiring and still won’t come out and say that Twitler is a crook and a liar and incompetent. Why are they still protecting him? Maybe Will Turd…I mean, Hurd needs a job at a Rethug think tank, but a lot of the others already have one foot in the grave. Wouldn’t you think they’d want their legacies to include that they stood up for the country and not for their party? I guess spines can’t be regenerated.

  3. Very funny song that you wrote. That Giuliani maniac, one hell of a fruitcake. I keep wondering how much he is getting paid by the Grump Stump, I mean Trump to be his un-wavering/ unbelievable mouth piece?

    Anyhow, I continue to be stunned by the Repubs behavior and how loyal they are to El Trumpo. Frankly and Earnestly, 🙂 I think they remain loyal because in their warped little minds, it is better to keep on keeping on rather than admit they are/were wrong. The other possibility is that if they go against the grain their repub voters will be just too damn upset. What’s more,Giuliani it is about party loyalty rather than loyalty to country and that is just plain disgusting.

    • Rudy 9/11 is just an asshole who can’t stand to be irrelevant. He and Twitler are 2 sides of the same coin. Rudy 9/11 is a bit smarter, but he’s really just a blustering braggart. He takes other people’s accomplishments and calls them his own (sound familiar?). This is one instance where Rudy can’t talk or 9/11 himself out of, and Twitler found out that he can’t buy his way out of this shitstorm he created. He needs to stay in office, or he is going to be charged with crimes. However, he has to continue to commit crimes in order to stay in office. As for the other Rethugs, those in Congress might stick with him, because the bigots and morons in their districts are still in the cult. I suspect those in the Senate are a lot more nervous, because they need votes statewide. Everything Twitler touches turns to shit. The Rethugs learned that lesson way too late. Couldn’t have happened to any more deserving sycophants.

  4. singe

    Rudy needs to get back in touch with Bernie Kerik (the former Bush possible Homeland Security head who is out of stir after having served a bid for having Mafia contractors redo his man pad up in Riverdale{I do digress}) to see if Bernie still has the keys to the vending machines in the family visitation room at Rikers. Or I guess Rudy could just get a windshield rag and go up to the 96th street and 1st avenue entrance to the FDR drive and start washing windshields for spare change to get the $$ for lawyering up time. Just saying.

    • Hi Singe!

      I remember Bernie very well. He was the poster boy here in quite a few posts. I think he should hang out with Twitler and with Rudy and the rest of the gang to tell them what to expect in prison.

      I think Rudy has a great future in the windshield cleaning biz. It appears he has a natural unlimited amount of saliva. All he needs is rags, and he’ll have plenty of that after he spends all his money on legal fees. #Sad