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From Daily Beast:

When President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on cable news programs last week, he deflected questions about his work in Ukraine and instead hammered home one talking point over and over again: The State Department knew he was trying to dig up dirt on 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Giuliani waved his phone on air, flashing text messages between himself and State Department representatives and saying it was the department that connected him to a close adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Giuliani’s on-air appearances threw the department into a tizzy, forcing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to try to put a lid on the crisis of confidence bubbling up under him, according to three senior U.S. officials. For Pompeo, solving the problem meant finding someone to blame—and there was only one individual who fit the mold, according to those same sources: Kurt Volker, former U.S. representative for Ukraine negotiations.


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Volker resigned Friday. Despite his resignation, the State Department has scrambled to correct course, according to these same officials, especially after news that Pompeo was on the now-infamous call between President Trump and Zelensky in July. Pompeo had previously denied knowing about it on national television. On top of that, three congressional committees subpoenaed Pompeo for documents related to Trump and Giuliani’s work in Ukraine and demanded that five current and former department officials appear for depositions.

In response, Pompeo tried a time-tested Trump White House strategy: stonewalling Congress. The secretary said Tuesday that Congress was “bullying” career officials and suggested they would not appear for questioning.


Pompeo’s plan appears to have backfired. Despite the secretary’s efforts to block several of his current and former officials from speaking to Congress, Volker is set to go to Capitol Hill on Thursday with the backing of a cadre of current and former diplomats.


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7 responses to “From Director Fartin’ Scorscuzzy

  1. It’s amazing that they think this can work indefinitely. Intimidating everyone into silence? It never works on every last person. There are always some too brave or too angry to be cowed. Eventually everything will come out.

    Or maybe they just can’t think of a better strategy and this is all they have.

    As long as Trump keeps bleating that everybody he gets annoyed with is a traitor and should be executed or locked up, he’s just giving everyone who isn’t a toady that much more incentive to take his power away from him.

    It’s weird how in that picture Trump looks vaguely menacing and mentally retarded at the same time.

    • One word—PANIC!!! They have no idea what to do, so they are throwing shit up against the wall to see if anything sticks. Twitler, of course, doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, so he’s just flailing at anyone and everyone, and he doesn’t care if it’s anyone who has been faithful to him so far. That isn’t a tenable strategery, but when has anyone in that Shit…I mean, White House ever had one of those?

  2. The saga keeps unfolding and in the meantime, good ole boy, Rudy, just keeps running his mouth in an attempt to confuse even the brightest of any and all news men and women, This saga is better than any spy novel.

    As far as Volker is concerned I am afraid that Trump probably has him in his pocket too, but just maybe the man will spill the beans or his guts, which ever comes first.

    I wish that I were not a pessimist but El Trumpo has out trumped everything thus far and gotten away with his lies. It seems that he also asked other countries to dish up dirt on Biden as well. He just has no scruples nor a stopping point.

    • Rudy and Twitler and the rest of the thugs aren’t fooling anyone anymore. The media has finally figured out that standing up to them and demanding answers gets them the eyeballs they so desperately covet. Volker has a decent reputation, but so did other people before they decided to kowtow to Twitler. However, either he walked away, because he could no longer stand the corruption, or he was fired. In either case, he has no reason to continue to contribute to the laughable cover-up.

      • therub

        After a while we become saturated w/twittler’s tactics and they no longer work. As he continues to lose control his erratic behavior will continue to grow. Burning houses draw spectator attention. Get out the popcorn as we’re in for a bumpy ride.

        • Magicians are intriguing up to the point when you figure out how they do their tricks. Twitler’s bag of tricks is very limited, and they are so easily seen through that even the media have caught on.

      • Let us hope that Volker will be honest as he testifies. Time will tell.