Abdication of Conscience


CNN’s Chris Cuomo reached into the Republican Party’s past to find a quote that could haunt GOP lawmakers today as the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump gets underway in Congress.

In 1950, Sen. Margaret Chase Smith (R-Maine) took on Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy, a member of her own party, in a speech she called a “Declaration of Conscience.” While Chase didn’t mention McCarthy by name, she urged her fellow Republicans to stand up for the basic American values being trampled by McCarthyism: 

It is high time that we stop thinking politically as Republicans and Democrats about elections and started thinking patriotically as Americans about national security based on individual freedom. I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the four horsemen of calumny: fear, ignorance, bigotry, smear.

Don’t leave out the horsewomen of calumny.

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Know who says she is a big fan of Margaret Chase Smith and sits in her Senate seat? Yep, Susan Collins. Time for Susie to get off her concerned very troubled high horse and do the right thing for a change. I’m not holding my breath…except to avoid the smell of horseshit.



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4 responses to “Abdication of Conscience

  1. She won’t. Collins always “expresses grave concern” and then ends up voting with the party. That smell of horseshit is not going away anytime soon.

    • She’ll furrow her brow and express her disappointment, clutch her pearls and wring her hankie right up to the moment when she votes exactly how Yertle McConnell tells her to. Hopefully, the people of Maine have had enough of her and will remember her promise that she would only serve 2 terms in the Senate now that she has served twice as many.

  2. A forceful take on reality and common sense. I knew I liked Margaret Chase for some reason having read about her many moons ago but I had never known about her beautiful take on current politics. It was 100%
    true back then and 100% true now. Now if only these folks will get the lead out and act and do the right thing. It remains to be seen.

    • Margaret Chase Smith had guts. She had to when she was in the House and then the Senate, back when politics was a man’s game. Even back then, it took a woman to have the balls to say what most men knew was true but were afraid to say.