Flop Go the Weasels

From The New York Times:

For 24 hours last week, Trey Gowdy, the former South Carolina congressman best known for leading congressional investigations of Hillary Clinton, was the new face of President Trump’s outside legal defense and a symbol of a streamlined effort to respond to a fast-moving impeachment inquiry.

A day later, the arrangement fell apart, with lobbying rules prohibiting Mr. Gowdy from starting until January, possibly after the inquiry is over. Now, according to two people familiar with events, Mr. Gowdy is never expected to join the team. And Trump advisers are back to square one, searching for a different lawyer.

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The official story, circulated by senior administration aides to a handful of reporters, was that Mr. Gowdy, who retired from Congress last year, had agreed to re-enter the fray on Tuesday. Mr. Gowdy’s name began circulating on Twitter as the new Trump defender, prompting a number of aides to the president to claim credit privately for the idea of bringing him on board.

But by Wednesday evening, aides were distancing themselves from the bungled personnel maneuver, which was made public before all the usual procedural boxes had been checked. Several pointed fingers at Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, suggesting he had botched the rollout.


As Mr. Mulvaney pushed for Mr. Gowdy, a former House colleague and fellow South Carolinian, he swatted away questions from several aides about whether Mr. Gowdy would be curtailed in his role by lobbying regulations. Both men assured people that there would be no problem, according to the people briefed on what took place.


On Wednesday, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyers worked on a letter for Mr. Gowdy to sign to cement their agreement. Around 8 p.m. they released a statement announcing that Mr. Gowdy was formally on board.


But within 30 minutes of that statement’s going public, Mr. Gowdy alerted Mr. Trump’s lawyers to a problem. His law firm, Nelson Mullins, had concerns that his work would involve lobbying activity. There was a discussion about whether Nelson Mullins could still be used, but a Trump adviser said that decision had been put off until January, when Mr. Gowdy’s lobbying ban concludes.


In the meantime, Mr. Trump’s team is searching, again, for help.

Without Mr. Gowdy, who lost his paid contributorship at Fox News after the announcement, and with another of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, Rudolph W. Giuliani, sidelined from appearing on television for the moment as he is drawn increasingly into the Ukraine matter at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, the president’s team remains outgunned in the fight for public opinion.

Even Mr. Trump — who for the most part has been operating as a one-man war room, setting the tone of grievance from the top — appears confused about which of his staff members is in charge.

The president, at one point, asked Mr. Mulvaney who was leading the effort.


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7 responses to “Flop Go the Weasels

  1. Wow and wow. I just love all the stumbling and bumbling. And I just love that at least for now, Giuliani’s diuretic mouth has been silenced. I can just see him suffering and sulking because he can no longer spout one lie after the other like a rapid spit ball fight. His sense of importance has been stymied and I bet his ego is suffering.

  2. I meant to include Gowdy’s name as well. He is one mean looking doosie of a lawyer. I bet he is suffering as well.

    • Twitler wanted a civil war, and he got one. Rudy Tooty Fresh and Farty and his sidekicks hate Gowdy, and they didn’t want him to be on the team. Victoria Toensing, a particularly vile piece of shit, said, “”Trey Gowdy doesn’t know shit,” White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, is pissed off at Mick Weasel Mulvaney for trying to bring Gowdy on board in the first place. Other staffers didn’t want Gowdy either, but Twitler and Kushner met with him anyway. Mulvaney is the acting chief of staff, but Kushner is really in charge. Now, Gowdy is out, Rudy Tooty Fresh and Farty is being investigated, and Michael Cohen is in jail. Ty Cobb, Emmett Flood and John Dowd all have to wash their hair, and Jay Sekulow looks like an asshole, partly because he is one, and partly because he put out a glowing statement about Gowdy and welcoming him aboard that had to be taken back 30 minutes later. It seems like nobody can last even a whole Scaramucci these days. Twitler is going to have to start writing down the numbers of the personal injury attorneys who advertise on TV, because he can’t find a lawyer anywhere else.

  3. Yeesh, these guys are so bumbling they make the Three Stooges look like ballet dancers. Trump may have to ask DC to provide him a public defender for the impeachment trial.

    A Little Golden Showers Book….. Oh, for those carefree innocent days when Russian piss hookers were the worst we knew about this guy.