With amigos like this, who needs enemigos?

From npr:

The White House removed the core of its Ukraine policy team in the spring and replaced it with “three amigos” considered more reliable for the plan to pressure Kyiv, a senior U.S. diplomat was described as telling House investigators on Tuesday.


Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney organized the May 23 meeting at which the personnel moves were decided, according to [ Rep. Gerry] Connolly’s [D-Va] description.

That conference yielded the crew described as the new “three amigos” assigned the Ukraine portfolio: Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the European Union; Kurt Volker, then an envoy to Ukraine for its peace negotiations; and Energy Secretary Rick Perry.


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In other words, Mulvaney removed career specialists who the White House believed wouldn’t go along with a plan to lean on Ukraine’s leaders in an attempt to get them to launch investigations that might help Trump in the 2020 election, according to this account of [the deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s European and Eurasian Bureau George] Kent’s testimony.


Connolly, who described the deposition, called Kent’s account of events “very powerful” and “deeply disturbing, especially the role of Rudy Giuliani” — the personal attorney for Trump who drove much of the Ukraine plan on his own as well as in concert with the State Department.

Members of Congress already have heard from Volker; Sondland is expected to appear behind closed doors on Thursday. Perry has been subpoenaed in the House inquiry.

Connolly said Kent’s remarks also made him want to hear from former national security adviser John Bolton, whom other witnesses also are said to have described to investigators as concerned about Trump’s Ukraine pressure plan and the role Giuliani played in it.



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7 responses to “With amigos like this, who needs enemigos?

  1. The three amigos are more like the three stooges in that they were stupid enough to go along with what ever their fearless leader asked them to do. How in the world educated and worldy grown men caved to Trump’s wishes is simply beyond the pale. And with Giuliana in the mix it certainly became a real comedy sketch. But how does one’s personal attorney achieve access through the state department and then begin talks with a foreign country? This simply boggles my little brain. All of that is illegal, or at least I thought it was. Of course, the current administration has not and does not operate with any degree of legality and honesty. Love your poster.

    • I would say that Twitler surrounds himself with people as stupid as he is, but with the exception of his wife and two oldest sons, there is nobody as stupid as he is. Instead, he finds people who are so ambitious and/or greedy that they will ignore lawlessness and corruption. In some cases, he (well, actually Putin) finds dirt on them, and then they are too afraid to come forward when they get too deep into the shit. In a nutshell, he finds people as cowardly as himself and care more about money and/or fame than they do about people. Now that the damn has broken, there are not enough knives for all the backs of those orbiting Twitler. I want the knife-sharpening concession in D.C.

  2. therub

    why is it so much fun to watch crooked men exonerate themselves by testifying the truth to congress? this is better than any reality tv show but sadly, i’m running out of popcorn. time to go to costco to buy it in bulk.

    • We’ve yet to see if they will be truthful to Congress. They might not not tell out-and-out lies, but I doubt they will speak the entire truth.They’ll try to hide behind one privilege or another, just as they’ve done their entire lives.