I’m sure he’ll get clean coal in his stocking

People are making a big deal over Twitler’s letter to President Recep Erdogan of Turkey, but have you see the letter he wrote to Santa?

letter to santa

He should have warned Santa not to be scared away by Malaria’s scary Christmas decorations.


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10 responses to “I’m sure he’ll get clean coal in his stocking

  1. Sherry shirk

    Ho, Ho, Ho! Your talent brings laughs that help get us through the bad times. Love you Nonnie.

    • Sherry! So happy to see you. Why should we be miserable separately when we can be miserable together, right? I love you, too, even if you did call me a Ho three times. ♥

  2. Ha, perfect! “North Poll, America” — I see his ambitions extend beyond Greenland. All the little typos are just like him, and of course it would be “Pee.S.”

    I wonder if Melania decorates for Halloween. She could use some of the same decorations.

    • I wait until I am mentally exhausted, hungry and have to poop really bad in order to get into Twitler’s head and channel him.

      Do you think Malaria knows that Halloween is an actual holiday? After all, it’s enhancing your appearance with makeup and other artificial stuff so that you no longer look like yourself. She does that every day.

  3. You should be creating political cartoons for a newspaper/magazine. This on is funny.

  4. vincelamb

    I was half expecting this would be for Rick Perry on his way out the door. Oops!

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