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“The View” co-host Meghan McCain on Thursday ripped Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) after a group of GOP lawmakers stormed a closed-door impeachment proceeding on Capitol Hill.

“By the way, Matt Gaetz, when did you want to become a TV star?” McCain said. “You want to do that? Get the hell out of Congress. Get a TV job.”

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McCain’s comments come a day after Gaetz, a vocal supporter of President Trump, and other Republicans — including some members of the party’s leadership — barged into a secure hearing room in the Capitol basement on Wednesday to protest what they’ve argued is an unfair impeachment inquiry into the president.


The protest delayed a House deposition with Laura Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, by about five hours and caused a stir in the Capitol.

Many Democrats took issue with the fact that Republicans violated congressional rules by bringing cellphones into a secure facility.

And Putin laughs.


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8 responses to “Stunted Intellect

  1. Yep…..four angry turds is exactly the rating that that little performance deserved from sane people.

    It’s too bad Trump’s clown car won’t just plummet directly into the mouth of the shark, but we’ll need to settle for voting him out next November. It can’t come soon enough.

    And Putin laughs.

    One item high on the next president’s to-do list must be figuring out a way to stomp the Tin-of-Pu regime until it vomits bones. They need to be made an example of for what they’ve done.

    • I just saw a video on Twitter of some rightwing fringe pastor/asshole named Rick Wiles who said that, no matter how Twitler is removed from office, there will be violence. He said cowboys, mountain men and guys that know how to do violence will hunt down Democrats and kill them. I hope this asshole and his friends and followers are on every terrorist watchlist. Even when we finally get rid of the tangerine tyrant, Putin will still find a reason to stand back and laugh. Instead of jumping that shark, it would be better for the country and the world if he dropped into its mouth.

      • Rick Wiles! That guy has been on my radar for a few years now, ever since he declared that Ebola could “solve America’s problems” with atheists, gays, and everybody else he doesn’t like. Even by fundie standards, he seethes with hatred. He subsists on fantasies of death and violence which he can’t keep to himself.

        • You have to wonder if Barr’s Justice Department is watching him or if they are writing up a speech for Twitler for when he awards him a Medal of Freedom.

  2. the rub

    the dems are upset because the rethugs stormed their secure room with smart phones? how about the fact that they just stormed in uninvited? let’s not forget that one too. twittler and his henchmen are giving the finger to all rules, regulations, and institutions. if we allow that to happen with no consequences then we have no republic.

    • The Dems are plenty pissed off about the charge of the white brigade. This article concentrated on Little Meggie being pissed off. Funny that someone who only has a job and a national platform because of her daddy is pissed off at a drunk asshole who only has a seat in Congress and a national platform because of his daddy.

      The Rethugs storming the SCIF would have been enough to piss off the Dems. This is from WIRED and explains why:

      So when Gaetz and House minority whip Steve Scalise and their merry band of lawmakers literally barge into a SCIF—they finally left after a five-hour standoff—they’re not just causing a fuss. They’re making a mockery of national security and to a lesser extent putting it at risk. Especially the congressmen who, as numerous outlets have reported, brought their smartphones into the room.

      “A SCIF is designed and regulated to be a secure space—and that means keeping out electronic devices that malicious actors can exploit to conduct surveillance,” says Joshua Geltzer, a former senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council. “Bringing those into such a space can cause real national security vulnerabilities. Doing so for a political stunt potentially sacrifices security for partisan points.”

      You don’t need a vibrant imagination to see how. The SCIF guidelines from ODNI list three categories of “high-risk” devices: multifunction cellular telephones, electronic devices with RF transmitting (e.g., Bluetooth), and photographic, video, and audio recording devices. Smartphones are all three. They can have malware, and malware can take over microphones and cameras. Making matters worse, the very people storming the SCIF are the among the most at risk of compromise from a sophisticated adversary. Who wouldn’t want to hack a congressperson?