Now Rudy is just phoning his corruption in

From Raw Story via Salon:

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has stepped in it — again.

NBC News reports that the former New York mayor earlier this month unwittingly butt-dialed one of its reporters and left a three-minute voice message in which he discussed business dealings in Bahrain and spouted unfounded conspiracy theories about former Vice President Joe Biden.

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First, Giuliani can be heard talking about his private security firm’s dealings with the Bahraini government. While the details of the conversation about Bahrain aren’t always clear, Giuliani can be heard at one point saying, “The problem is we need some money . . . we need a few hundred thousand.”

The Trump attorney then directs his attention toward Joe and Hunter Biden. In particular, Giuliani repeats the false claim that Biden worked to fire Ukrainian Viktor Shokin for investigating his son’s employer, when in reality multiple Western governments had pushed for the prosecutor’s firing.


The Trump attorney then mocks Hunter Biden for using his family name to get a job at Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

You can listen to the recording and read a lot of background information at NBC News.

Who wants to chip in for a present for Rudy? I’m getting him a shovel. I want him to keep digging himself into a bigger and bigger hole.



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13 responses to “Now Rudy is just phoning his corruption in

  1. Turn this butt dial up to eleven! Rather than buying Nosferatu a shovel, I’d buy the same easily-triggered brand of phone for all the other Republicans involved in this mess. We need more butt-dialing and self-eavesdropping to help put the pieces together — at least, from those who aren’t too prone to flatulence.

    DJT-45 is a toxic ingredient and should be banned from use in soap. Drat Republican deregulation…..

    • The ban on DJT-45 is the first toxic substance Twitler ordered the EPA to un-ban. Apparently, one of its side effects is to loosen the vocal chords. Too bad for Rudy and Twitler that nobody foresaw that Rudy sings in and out of the shower.

  2. Diana Frey

    I have to wonder why Rudy keeps his phone in his butt.

  3. singe

    Rudy finds it most convenient to keep his phone up his ass because that is where his head is. I thought this would be obvious.

  4. Trumps trumpers are like a comedy of errors especially Giuliani who looks like a buffoon out of an old silent movie. His rants and rampages equal those of his client, Twittler. I bet he who all but had a heart attack when his phone accidently dialed and added fodder and fuel to the flame.

    • Bet some of Rudy’s old clients are wondering who he might have butt-dialed in their cases. This isn’t the first time he did this. Wonder how many times it wasn’t reported. And what the hell kind of phone does he have? If it’s a touchscreen, wouldn’t he have to be naked to butt-dial?

      • vincelamb

        “[T]rumpers are like a comedy of errors” — this whole episode looks like one of the dumber ideas from “Veep.” Maybe it will show up in an episode of “Our Cartoon President.”

        • Vince!! What a nice surprise! ♥

          Everything Twitler does looks like a dumb idea from one stupid movie or TV show. Our Cartoon President is pretty funny sometimes, but I really, really miss The President’s Show with Anthony Atamanuik, the best Twitler impersonator of all. I don’t know why they don’t replace Alex Baldwin with Anthony on SNL.