One for the books

From Bloomberg:

The president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., airs some of the family’s grievances over the probe into Russian 2016 election meddling — and many other topics, including Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize — in a new book.


“Turns out I’m not a Russian agent after all!” Trump Jr., 41, writes in “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” to be published Nov. 5, according to an advance copy of the part political screed, part autobiography seen by Bloomberg News.

It can’t possibly be as good as the memoir he, Ivanka and Eric wrote together.

daddy stories

Original Little Golden Book

The 294-page book reads at times like an extended version of a tweetstorm Trump Jr. says his lawyers and even his father, the tweeter-in-chief, asked him tone down during the Russia investigation.


“I have to admit that I almost felt bad for Robert Mueller during that testimony. And if it weren’t for the fact that I was probably number two on the guy’s kill list for years, I might have,” he writes.

Echoing his father, Trump Jr. complains about how the “mainstream media manipulates the news” by using anonymous sources, and what he called “creative editing” and misleading information.


“As I was working on this book, my brother Eric walked into a bar in Chicago and a waitress there spat in his face. The Secret Service had to lead her outside before the confrontation could get worse,” he writes.

The younger Trump defends his father throughout the book, including pushing back a number of times on charges that the president is racist. He said when he was a kid, Michael Jackson lived in Trump Tower and came over to play video games with him and Eric.


Trump Jr. also suggests that his father is more deserving of the Nobel Prize than Obama, who was honored in 2009 for efforts to strengthen international diplomacy, citing the former president’s policies in the Middle East.


As well as recounting pranks played by the Trump kids decades ago on wealthy guests at the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, the family’s winter home, Trump Jr. writes that he teased his sister Ivanka — now an assistant to the president — that he was going to “include some scandalous secrets about her” in his book. In the end, the material from Ivanka’s “teen years” went unrecorded.

“We are Trumps,” he tells his four siblings in the book’s acknowledgments. “We don’t play the victim card, and we will succeed here as well.”

So they don’t play the victim card, but it sounds like he spends 294 pages complaining about how his grifter family has been victimized.


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11 responses to “One for the books

  1. Well, at least it wasn’t a Little Golden Shower Book. And I see that the elephants on the binding in the original have been transformed into toilets — the final indignity for a once-noble animal so long defiled by being the symbol of an excremental party.

    Give Don Jr. some credit for at least taking the trouble to familiarize himself somewhat with what his ghostwriter had put in the book. Though I can’t imagine that anyone other than true Trumpanzees will be interested in 294 pages of whining, without even any salacious stuff about Ivanka. And I doubt most Trumpanzees read books anyway.

    • I knew i could count on you to find the toilets (that didn’t sound quite right. I’m sure all Raisinettes know how to find the toilet when necessary). I actually only replaced one elephant, but 3 chickens were sent to slaughter.

      We all know how this is going to work. The Twitler campaign and special interest groups will spend tons of money to buy a shitloat of Junior’s crappy books, so he can be on the Times best-seller list (same strategery they use to keep Spicey on Dancing With the Stars). Then they’ll hand out the books to the illiterates at the Twitler rallies.

      I’m not surprised he knows what the ghostwriters wrote. After all, it’s just a collection of all the shit he complains about constantly. If someone ghostwrote a book for me about dog fur being all over the damned house, I would certainly be able to go on a talk show and speak about it. That reminds me. Junior is going to be on The View. That should be pretty funny. I’m sure Meggie will remind him who her father is.

  2. E.A. Blair

    “We don’t play the victim card, and we will succeed here as well.”

    Playing the victim card is all they do.

    • Hi E.A. Blair,

      Welcome to The Raisin! 😀

      Without the victim cards, they have no deck. I guess you could call them deckless. ::oops:

      Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. Diana Frey

    He is correct, about this Libtard, I wish they would all STFU.

  4. vincelamb

    Is that Roy Cohn on the back cover?

  5. T. Junior is a laughable mini version of his sire.