Rallying the Oops!

From Vox:

Democrat Andy Beshear has won the Kentucky governor’s race, ousting sitting Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, and giving Democrats a big win in a conservative state.

It’s a major loss for Republicans in a state where they hold supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature, both US Senate seats, and five out of the state’s six House seats. Bevin pulled out all the stops to clinch a win; President Donald Trump rallied in Lexington, Kentucky, Monday night ahead of the election to turn out voters. But even that last-ditch effort wasn’t enough — a sign that Trump’s influence isn’t omnipotent.

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At the end of the day, in the eyes of Kentuckians, Bevin remained an extremely unpopular governor. He threatened to cut Medicaid expansion in the state, which would have likely pushed about 400,000 people off their health insurance.

And his time in office was met with statewide protests by Kentucky teachers, after he pushed to cut pensions. Bevin called teachers “ignorant” and “selfish,” and said kids were likely exposed to sexual assault because teachers were protesting instead of staying in the classrooms.


Does this mean Mitch McConnell is going to lose his Senate seat? Not so fast.

The Beshear win is big for Democrats. But Democratic and Republican strategists alike warn against extrapolating much further. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may be up for reelection in 2020, but that race is entirely separate from the governor’s race Democrats just won.

“It certainly doesn’t hurt to have party infrastructure going into a federal election cycle, but that race is going to be that race,” Matt Erwin, a Kentucky Democratic strategist, said.

When I heard that Bevins had lost, my first thought (well, after I cheered so loudly I scared the dog and then had a chuckle over Twitler being a loser) was what does this mean for Yertle McConnell. Does it mean that his wife Elaine Chao will have to funnel even more of that sweet Department of Transportation money to Kentucky? If she does, will the citizen of Kentucky think that they got the money because of Yertle, or will it backfire? They might think that the new governor is doing a bang-up job after just one year. Oh, my my, what is a grifter to do?


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7 responses to “Rallying the Oops!

  1. therub

    great news! let’s hope this is a sign of an underground movement to take our country back.

    • I want to picture all the Rethugs lined up with Twitler at the front. Twitler gets knocked over, and the rest fall like dominoes. Well, most of them fall like dominoes. The ones directly behind Twitler will be squashed by the weight of his massive ego.

  2. Yesterday was the second sign of a movement to take our country back — the first being last year’s recovery of the House.

    Bevin called teachers “ignorant”

    A Republican called teachers ignorant. Only in Trumpling Bizarro World.

    The Party of Trump can dismiss this outcome as merely the result of Bevin’s personal unpopularity, but that unpopularity was nevertheless rooted in Republican policies like attacking Medicaid and education. It reflects the unpopularity of the policies themselves.

    Chow-Chow better get those dollars flowing while she can. President Warren or Biden won’t keep her in her current job.

    At first glance I thought that was a golf club clutched in Agolf Twitler’s tiny hand. I guess one sees what one expects.

    • Ugh! I wrote a long response to you before, but I had to google in order to add something, and when I did, I got a big red window saying Google Critical Error. I couldn’t close the window, and the only option was to accept something at the top, so I closed Chrome completely instead, and I lost the whole response. I probably wrote something absolutely brilliant, but now you will have to settle for whatever I write now. Your (and the world’s) loss.

      Anyhoo, you make a great point that, no matter how distasteful the packaging was with Bevin, the content was pure Rethuglican, and that’s what was rejected.

      Chow-Chow has a conundrum. In Kentucky, the governor takes office in the beginning of December. If C-C funnels money over there after December, will the people credit Yertle, or will they assume that the new governor should get the credit for any improvements they see?

      I didn’t realize how much the microphone resembled a golf club. It’s supposed to represent the rally Twitler had that was supposed to rescue Bevin’s despicable ass.

  3. Yesss!! I was too happy when I read on my cell phone’s news, that Bevin’s had lost his seat on the Kentucky throne. I commend the democrats for achieving a marvelous victory. Now if only McConnel can be unseated. For the life of me, I do not understand why/ how he has remained in his senate seat.

    • I was encouraged by Beshear’s victory. Of course, Bevin refuses to concede, and the Rethugs in Kentucky have already figured out a way to allow Bevin to remain in office. I’m hoping that, if they try, the people will revolt and also vote out the shitheads who thought up the scheme.

      • That just shows the audacity and crudeness of Republicans that hold office They are desperate to control our county. The same thing is going to happen if Twittler loses. He will not leave office and then what are going to do?