End of the Road?


During the first break in Wednesday’s impeachment hearings—which featured U.S. Ambassador to the EU and million-dollar Trump donor Gordon Sondland implicating President Donald Trump in a quid pro quo with Ukraine—Fox News anchor Chris Wallace declared that Sondland “took out the bus and ran it over” President Donald Trump and a number of his allies and aides.

“I think what Gordon Sondland was trying to do here is protect himself more than he is to protect anybody else,” Wallace said during Fox News’ special coverage.

“To a certain degree, he took out the bus and ran over President Trump, Vice President Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney,” he added. “He implicates all of them.”


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Besides roundly trashing Trump and Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, throughout his testimony, Sondland also took aim at the State Department for not offering up any objection to Trumpworld’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to commit to investigations into the president’s political rivals.


The Fox anchor’s remarks come on the heels of Fox News contributor Ken Starr suggesting that Republican senators might consider taking a trip to the White House to possibly discuss Trump’s resignation, à la Richard Nixon.


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9 responses to “End of the Road?

  1. therub

    another great poster knoodles! it should be framed and hung in every federal office building throughout the land!

    • Thanks, Loonie. This one took forever, but it was so much fun to make, I didn’t get impatient with it. I was going by the headline alone. I didn’t see the rest of it until I was cutting and pasting, and to my chagrin, Bolton could have been added. I had enough space, but I was too tired by that time to go back and fit him in.

  2. Sondland’s gonna need a bigger bus, to fit all those guys under it.

    Does the G1488??? sticker on the windshield signify anything? It isn’t in the original image, so I assume you added it. I know what “1488” normally refers to, but it doesn’t seem obviously relevant.

    We’ll need a few days to see whether Sondland’s testimony impacts public perceptions of the situation. The media seem awfully excited about it, but you know how it is, we’ve been down that road a few times.

    • Infidel, a bus that size can be quite sufficient as long as it has a reverse gear. Squish, squish, squish, and everyone is compacted.

      Big oopsie on my part, I didn’t notice the sticker on the windshield. I just googled 1488, and I am now regretting not taking it out. The bus is made up of so many parts, and I was more concerned trying to make a new windshield fit that I didn’t make note of the sticker at all. My bad. I’ll be more careful in the future, especially knowing how carefully you scrutinize each poster.

      I don’t know if Sondland’s testimony alone will persuade the public, but I think the entire mosaic that has been laid out will, at the very least, embarrass the shit out of the Goopers in the Senate who will have to find a way to explain why they are voting against conviction. They should be hounded every time they leave the safety of their offices by reporters and citizens alike.

  3. Ed Martin

    Sondland would have needed some evidence to be effective. I can’t “drive a bus” over the author of this piece by saying that I presume that he/she is a crack addict.

    • Your cheap Chinese-made MAGA hat’s dye has clearly seeped into your skull causing brain damage, so I won’t say anything nasty to you. Answer if you wish, but I will not respond to you again.

  4. Yes, madam, Sondland cranked up the Greyhound and ran it slap dab over the “Ever Trumpers.” Now if only Bolton grows some balls he should be able to put the icing on the cake.

    PS. Thanks for putting the smart mouth in his place with his damaged brain from the MAGA hat. Just where do these weird folks come from? They need to stick with like minded folks who are “Ever Trumpers.”

    • I have a feeling that Bolton might give testimony. Not sure if it will be public, but I don’t think he wants to go down with this ship. I could give him too much credit, but I hope he does testify, and I hope it’s public.

      I don’t pay a lot of attention to trolls who come here to drop a poopie and then disappear. I’ll let them have their say, no matter how stupid, and I’ll answer them once, but I won’t carry on a conversation with someone who will never accept facts.

      • Yes, you are correct, Never engage someone who doesn’t believe the facts and who makes up lies, etc. etc. Not engaging them shuts them up really fast. It you don’t react then they have noting to counter with. I learned that many years ago, Where there is no action there is no reaction or vice versa.