Surely You Jest


Harvard Law Emeritus Alan Dershowitz fawned over President Donald Trump having powers “that kings have never had” as he dismissed the news that Don McGahn must testify before Congress.

the court jester

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Dershowitz joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for a segment of her Monday night show, and he was asked to respond to the D.C. court ruling compelling McGahn to appear and speak about his time as former White House counsel.


Dershowitz offered a cheeky to this development by saying “the big winner is Uber, because McGahn will have to get into his car, he’s gonna have to go over to the Capitol, raise his hand, take an oath, and then he can invoke privilege.”

“This has no substantive impact,” he continued. “The judge went out of her way to say I’m not ruling on the issues of privilege, all I’m saying is he has to show up. Then she went nuts talking about how the president’s not a king. Of course the President’s not the king. The President’s far more powerful than the king. The President has the power that kings have never had.”

With profound apologies to Don McClean, to the tune of American Pie:

♪♫ When the jester sang for his orange king
On a network run by the alt-right wing
In a voice that sickens you and me
Oh, he saw his king, and he went down,
On more than his gold-plated crown
I think I saw him smile,
When Laura Ingraham yelled out “Heil!”♫♪


♪♫ Spare us please from his rants and raves
Founders are spinnin’ in their graves
So stop pollutin’ our airwaves,
With all his stupid lies
We were singin’… ♫♪


♪♫ Bye, bye, shut your mouth, cause you reek,
It’s too bad the truth won’t get you the attention you seek,
We cannot believe a single word that you speak,
We know everything you say is a lie,
Everything you say is a lie. ♫♪


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7 responses to “Surely You Jest

  1. Once again, my dearest Raisinettes, do not strain your precious little eyeballs. Here’s a larger version of the logo at the bottom.

    It’s a subsidiary of this place…

  2. Donald Watson

    This is one of your best Nonnie! You seem to thrive on Wingnut Batshitery.

  3. Love the song lyrics. The founders would indeed spin in their graves to hear that the president has more power than a king. This is the exact scenario they designed the system to prevent.

    It’s amazing how these guys are so fervent in displaying loyalty to a guy who not only never reciprocates it, but probably won’t even be in power much more than one more year. Even rats don’t normally contend with each other to get into the sinking ship.

    The poo-dollop outlines are a nice touch, though it seems like we’ve already been stepping in them for as long as we can remember.

    • I could have done the entire song, but I wanted to post before Thanksgiving. That’s one long-ass song, but I love it.

      I think something is going to change, and the rats are not going to be as eager to stay on the sinking ship. Rudy and Devin’s pal Lev says he has recordings of Rudy and Twitler (Lordy! Let there be tapes!). If that’s so, and they are incriminating (and they must be, or why would his lawyer bring them up?), only the true believers in the Twitler cult will believe the inevitable bullshit that the tapes were doctored. John Bolton will speak sooner or later, and Anonymous is saying s/he will come out before the election to tell the world how Twitler is completely unqualified to be POTUS. The shithead Rethugs can continue to call this a left-wing witchhunt (or, as I heard it called today a “Jew coup”), but when staunch conservatives like Bolton and whoever Anonymous might be (I assume a conservative, or s/he would not have been hired in the first place), not to mention known conservative talking heads, start telling their stories, it will be harder and harder to characterize it that way. Like I said, it won’t sway the Twitler cult, but it might sway Independents and moderate Rethuglicans.

  4. Orwell’s 1984 is actually happening.


    I think House Democrats made a tactical error in excluding emoluments charges from the impeachment. Using the office for personal enrichment is much easier for the average citizen to understand as a crime.

    • HI Jim! I think the Dems need to deal with a delicate balance. There is so much this shithead can be impeached for, but they have to avoid looking like they are piling on, even though listing all of Twitler’s crimes and misdeeds should never be categorized as piling on. They don’t want to make Twitler to look in any way like a sympathetic figure. Even though emoluments might not (or might, we don’t know yet) be among the charges, there is no reason why Dems can’t continue to talk about how much money the Twitler clan is making because he is misusing his office. The Rethugs want to throw Hunter Biden under the bus, but they opened a new can of worms, because there is a list of Twitler’s buddies whose kids are employed by the administration, including the offspring of Rudy and Bill Barr’s daughter and son-in-law. Hell, even Eric Fredo Twitler’s brother-in-law got a job in the Energy Department. Family members of loyal staffers got jobs they are completely unqualified for. People understand nepotism, and they hate it, so Dems should use it to their advantage, if only in talking points.