Happy Thanksgiving

machie thanksgiving 2019


by | November 28, 2019 · 5:26 am

13 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Macho wishes you all your favorite foods and a dish big enough to hold it all (though he’s not averse to eating off the floor or any other surface).

    Happy Thanksgiving to my dear Raisinettes and your families. ♥

  2. Love the poster but I like the dog the best. I am assuming the dog is yours and he is a honey for sure.

    I hope your day is a lovely one with your loved ones or alone if that is how you spend your turkey day.

    • That’s my little Macho. You know the pic is a fake, because the food is still there. Macho would have finished that turkey before it ever hit the floor.

      Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving,Yvonne. Think about everything except politics. We all deserve a day off.

  3. singe

    my favorite t-shirt reads” let me become the person my dog thinks I am”
    a peaceful day to all

  4. therub

    i love it! lol! happy turkey day!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Nonnie!
    Thank you for all you do.

    Here are my non-traditional wishes for you for this holiday:

    May your turkeys turn out Parev!
    May they jail orange goniff!

  6. Donald Watson

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Macho! Thank you for the humor you share with us, it helps to keep me sane.

    • Happy Thanksgiving to my best Twitter buddy. I’ll tell Macho later that you send regards. I’m not talking to him right now, because when we got home from my sister’s house, he ate pooped on his walk to my front door. :mrgreen:

  7. Gobble Gobble, many thanks for your posts and to Macho for supporting you with love.