Steele’s Magnolia

From The Guardian:

The former MI6 officer Christopher Steele had a “personal” relationship with Ivanka Trump and gifted her a “family tartan from Scotland” as a present, the long-awaited report by US Department of Justice inspector general, Michael Horowitz, revealed on Monday.

Horowitz’s review of the FBI’s 2016 investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and its links with Russia includes fresh details of Steele’s interactions with the FBI, and startling claims about his relationship with the Trumps dating back to the period before he wrote a controversial dossier on Trump.

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The report said that contrary to what Donald Trump has claimed on Twitter Steele was actually “favorably disposed” to the Trump family. It was “ridiculous” to suggest he was biased against the then Republican candidate or that his memos on collusion, written at the behest of the Washington-based research firm Fusion GPS, were in any way biased, Steele told federal investigators.

Steele said he had visited Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower and had been “friendly” with her for “some years”. He described their relationship as “personal”. The former British government spy had even given her a “family tartan from Scotland” as a present, the report quoted him as saying.

ABC also reported that Ivanka Trump even discussed work that Steele’s firm – Orbis Business Intelligence – might do for the Trump family business.


The report concludes the FBI placed too much emphasis on Steele’s work. It said Steele’s reporting was not done “in bad faith” but sometimes showed a “lack of judgement” and could involve pursuing people with “political risk but no intelligence value”.

On Monday Steele’s Washington-based law firm, Bredhoff & Kaiser, issued a lengthy rebuttal of Horowitz’s findings and defended Steele’s professional work.

It said that the Trump-Russia memos written by Steele in 2016 were derived from “credible and reliable” human sources. Subsequently his reporting was “extensively corroborated”, the lawyers said.

Some of this confirmation came from testimony given by Carter Page, Trump’s former foreign policy aide.


Page admitted that in 2016 he met with senior officials from the Kremlin and the oil firm Rosneft in Moscow. This was what the dossier reported, Steele’s lawyers pointed out.


Donald Trump has repeatedly blasted Steele on Twitter, describing him as a “failed spy” and his dossier as “phoney”.

The dossier says Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, launched a multi-faceted campaign to boost Trump ahead of the 2016 election.


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  1. Love the title. Brilliant! I watched some of the repubs during the hearing, Just wait until they jump on the Steele thing.I have never in my life seen grown men or anyone for that matter get so riled up and create such blantant lies about bs topics. Talk about disturbing to watch. I had to scroll past the madness. If looks could kill poor Nader and anyother Democrat would be dead. It wil be interesting to see what they have to say when the madmen bring up Steele. It does make you wonder though if Steele is now making up bs lies just to help Twilter out of his mess. He might have been pain off to come up with all sorts of malarkey. And that is not a Biden quote. I guess it shows how old

  2. Sorry about all the typos. I did not get a chance to edict. Blame it on a little ten pound dog this time.

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