Maybe if they scream loud enough, nobody will notice that Twitler is a criminal

Kids, I was out for much of the day, so I didn’t see all of the House Judiciary Committee hearings today. Right before my eardrums exploded, I did hear some of Doug Collins screeching once again at the top of his lungs, because nothing says your argument is logical and persuasive than delivering it at 120 decibels.

the loud house

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Like I said, I left the house, but I’m sure Matt Gaetz, Jim Gym Jordan, Louie Gohmert and the others were as dignified as they usually are while Collins tried to scream his way into a Senate seat.


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4 responses to “Maybe if they scream loud enough, nobody will notice that Twitler is a criminal

  1. Those men and I write men, lightly here since these guys do not act like a man that has any manners at all. They act look spoiled kids shouting at the someone who is calling them out for bad behavior. They really are a joke and a DISGRACE TO The Republican party.

    • Not only are they a disgrace to their party and the country, but the people who vote for them disgrace themselves. There is nothing redeeming about any of these asswipes. They think keeping their seats in Congress is more important than the country or the law or the Constitution.

  2. therub

    i don’t know what’s worse, the rethug’s temper tantrums or the fact that we tolerate them? one would think that standards for leadership would be a lot higher. and is it just me or does doug collins not only shout but speak so fast that he’s indecipherable? oh that’s right, that’s his intent because he really has nothing of substance to say. it’s like a pissing match between the 3 of them to see who can be the most intolerable.

    • Doug Collins sounds like a pile of shit in a blender with the lid off. He’s so loud, and I understand maybe every 4th word or so. That’s fine, since he really says nothing of value. I hope that the Dems use clips of Gohmert and Gaetz and the other morons in their commercials. Tie these thugs to every Rethug senator running for reelection. Make sure people realize that the GOP is now the party of Twitler, Gaetz, Gohmert, Radcliffe and the rest of the screaming morons.