(Orange is the New) Black Adder(all)


Donald Trump appeared to stumble and slur his way through a scripted address, including failing to say the word “tolerated”, in his response to Iran‘s attacks on two US bases in Iraq.

He told Iran that its “campaign of terror, murder, mayhem, will not be ‘tolerited’ any longer”.​

What’s with the slurring of words and mispronunciations? People have theories…

black adder

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He also suggested former president Barack Obama‘s administration paid for the missiles used by Iran in last night’s attack.

Mr Trump claimed that “the missiles fired at us last night were paid for by the funds made available by the last administration” through the unfreezing of Iranian funds and lifting of sanctions against the country in exchange for curbing its nuclear capacity.

NOTE: That’s utter bullshit. 

Flanked by military officials and Vice President Mike Pence, the president delivered a relatively swift address claiming that Iran was “standing down” and reported no American or Iraqi casualties and only “minimal damage” following last night’s missile attacks.



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9 responses to “(Orange is the New) Black Adder(all)

  1. singe

    he is just the worst human being.

    • I was telling someone the other night that I would bet anything that he loved having someone killed. That’s like Viagra to him. I have to wonder who listed killing Soleimani as an option. It was reported that whoever did only put it on the list, because he didn’t think Twitler would pick the craziest option. Seriously? Of course he will pick the worst option!!!! I used to think that, as stupid and ignorant and crazy as Twitler is, we have the military leaders as a firewall. I guess I was far too optimistic.

  2. I love BlackAdder! Rowan Atkinson could never lower his IQ enough to portray Trump, though. Just a 45 DUD, all right.

    Maybe “tolerited” was an attempt at an Australian accent? Unlikely, I know.

    Of course what he said about Obama and the money was bullshit. He knows he can say anything and the Trumpanzees will believe it, and he doesn’t much care what anyone else thinks. I’m surprised he didn’t say Obama was in Iran personally launching the missiles.

    • I never watched it, so I have no idea why the title stuck in my brain. I was wondering if anyone would get the reference, since it’s a Brit show. I think I might have seen clips of it with Hugh Laurie (he was in the clips, not watching with me, unfortunately 😦 )

      I don’t know what the deal is with his slurring of words. All I know is that i hite him like poison, he makes me irite, and it seems like the Senite is going to let him skite.

  3. Trump probably takes some form of medication. How could he not? He is 70 plus years old and likely takes something to slow down dementia. He can’t speak and says the same old things over and over- mostly to make America great again. And his Trumpettes do wild and act as nutty as he does. The man is a mad man and will do just about anything to keep himself looking important. His supporters are reveling in his latest escapade.

    • I don’t know for a fact what meds he is or is not taking. However, we are dealing with a baseline of a person who is willfully ignorant, stupid, lazy and egotistical. Add meds to that baseline, and it only gets worse. He now has not only the blood of a bad guy on his hands, but the blood of those who died at his funeral and the 176 souls on the plane who would still be alive if not for his reckless order to kill a bad guy without regard to the consequences.

      • Yes, very much so. But you can be assured that that plane crash over Iran means not a wit to Trump. The folks that died in the stampede or what ever caused those people to be crushed at the funeral, was just another day in the hood for him. And it is ironic that those killed in the plane crash were mostly Ukrainian.

  4. the rub

    if this latest fiasco dies down then we’ve figuratively and literally dodged many bullets. but some day, these bullets won’t miss their target if this deranged mad man isn’t voted out of office.

    • This fiasco will never die down for the loved ones of the 176 people who needlessly died on that plane. They would not have been in danger had it not been for Twitler getting a hard-on to kill someone in order to distract from his impeachment.