Picture this!

From Mediaite:

Weekend Today anchor Kristen Welker pressed Pam Bondi, a member of President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense, on her and other Trump allies’ documented links to Lev Parnas.

“So now we have multiple pictures of President Trump with Lev Parnas, his family members with Lev Parnas, his top associates – you’re even in one of the photos.It also includes an electronic calendar entry of a breakfast meeting with President Trump just days before Parnas was arrested,” Welker noted Saturday, referring to a trove of information released about Parnas, who worked heavily with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine and has provided new evidence to the House about the Ukraine scandal.

Aha! How can you pose for a picture with someone and say you don’t…sonuvabitch!!!

hysterical raisins lev parnas

“So does the president still maintain he does not know who Lev Parnas is?” she asked Bondi

The former Florida attorney general brushed off the apparent links by saying she and other public figures take thousands of pictures.


Bondi said. “I remember him being at a Republican AG event. He showed up at events pretty much everywhere where republicans were, elected republicans, prominent republicans.”

Check out NY Mag Intelligencer for a photo album where Lev Parnas poses with:

White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway
Shithead Mike Huckabee
Grifters Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
House Republican Leader Kevin “Shecky” McCarthy
Vice-President Mike Pence L. Dick
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (that one must have been a Polaroid, because a regular pic would have taken longer than Mooch’s time in the White House)
Eric Fredo Trump
Twitler, Jr.
House Republican Whip Steve Scalise



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6 responses to “Picture this!

  1. therub

    oh, they were just selfies don’t ya know. they all take selfies with lots of people they don’t know. i don’t know twittler either and i didn’t even have to take a selfie with him to prove it!

    • Isn’t it amazing that it is almost impossible to get these public officials to meet with or respond with their constituents, but wave a few bucks under their noses, and you can fill countless photo albums with pics you get with them.

  2. There you go. Parnas really got around and I find it highly unlikely that he was just there to attend a fund raiser or what ever the situation that caused him to get a photo with a long list of repubs. All of them of course will deny knowing him. All those repubs that were involved in the Ukraine mess-up can’t do anything bet lie. Trump not be found guilty and meanwhile, Parnas will likely go to prison or maybe not since he is spilling the beans about everything that he knows or singing like a canary- which ever slang phrase you prefer.

    • Parnas is now a sympathetic figure, while Twitler and the Rethugs keep making themselves look more and more guilty. Twitler picked a defense team that will not play well in front of the cameras. Ken Starr, Dershowitz and Sekulow are unlikable to the max. I was surprised at whom he picked, because he loves TV spectacles, and you would think he would want a better cast of characters.

      • He picked those attorneys because he wants to win. This time around he is not interested as much in the show as he is in the outcome.

        • He’s always interested in the show. He not only has to give the Rethugs enough cover to exonerate him, but he also has to play to the American people. If he is convicted, he is up the creek without a paddle, because he will likely face charges in New Yawk. If he is not convicted, he has to win again this year, or he won’t be able to run out the clock on the statute of limitations for all his crimes in New Yawk.