Trials and Fib-ulations

From Mother Jones:

It took less than two hours in the Senate impeachment trial on Tuesday for a member of President Donald Trump’s defense team to tell an outright lie.


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White House Counsel Pat Cipollone began by complaining about House Democrats’ process for interviewing witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. “The proceedings took place in the basement of the House of Representatives,” Cipollone said. Then he added, “Not even [House Intelligence Committee chair Adam] Schiff’s Republican colleagues were allowed into the SCIF”—the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility where the interviews took place.


[P]lenty of Republicans participated in the closed-door meetings; they sat on the three committees leading the impeachment investigation.

From Vox:

The opening debate of the Senate impeachment trial on Tuesday afternoon was supposed to be merely about the trial rules. But in quintessential Trump fashion, members of President Donald Trump’s legal team wasted no time telling a number of lies before things really got going.


Falsehood No. 1: Trump’s lawyers claimed Republicans didn’t have access to key information during House impeachment inquiry


This assertion is not true. As a number of reporters pointed out, not only did Republicans involved in the impeachment have access to the SCIF, but many of them also used it.


As part of a made-for-TV stunt, House Republicans did storm a SCIF in October to protest Democrats not providing Republicans who were otherwise uninvolved in the impeachment inquiry with access to closed-door depositions. However, Republicans who are members of one of the three committees involved in the process had the same access as Democrats.


Falsehood No. 2: Schiff “manufactured” Trump’s comments during the July Zelensky call


[Cipollone] alluded to Schiff’s paraphrasing of Trump’s now-infamous July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “When Mr. Schiff saw that his allegations [about Trump abusing his power] were false, and he knew it anyway, what did he do? He went to the House and he manufactured a fraudulent version of that phone call. He read it to the American people, and he didn’t tell them it was a complete fake,” Cipollone said, echoing a talking point that Trump has incessantly used to discredit the impeachment inquiry.


But those comments are a gross mischaracterization of what Schiff did. Schiff paraphrased the phone call for dramatic effect and made clear he was doing so.


And there was more

Cipollone wasn’t alone in getting basic stuff wrong. Sekulow’s opening statement, which served as an extended complaint about process, also managed to mangle the facts (he claimed House Democrats delayed transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate for a longer period of time than was actually the case) and mischaracterize the impeachment process (he said Trump “was denied the right to cross-examine witnesses” during the House inquiry when, in fact, the White House declined to do so).


Schiff made clear that he also views Cipollone and Sekulow’s false claims as part of a strategy. After the aforementioned break, he mentioned a number of the lies and said, “Why don’t they have a better argument to make on the merits?”


When Schiff wrapped up, the next speaker — Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) — also devoted some time to debunking the false claims Cipollone made about both Trump and executive privilege.

They lied right in front of the Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts, so I guess Twiter and his thugs have as much respect for the Supreme Court as they do for Congress, which is to say none.


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12 responses to “Trials and Fib-ulations

  1. singe

    Is this ignorant, spiteful man aware of the spreading deadly virus coming out of China and the urgency his agencies must engage to try to protect us? Does he know that there are children in cages living in fear and horror at the border separated by his legions from their parents? Does he know that civilians in Syria and Iraq and Yemen and the hollers of Kentucky and Tennessee lack clean water and medicines? Does he know the tundra is melting and what that means?
    He may or may not know but clearly he does not care nor will he use any of his many powers to do anything to improve any of these nightmares. No he wants us to feel sorry for him…what a joke of a man, what a coward.

    • Singe, we all know that he doesn’t care about anyone except himself. He’s already thrown one of his bastard children under the bus to save his own ass. What more proof do we need? The bigger question is why those people in the hollers of Kentucky and Tennessee, among others, continue to support him?

  2. I give up- yet one more. This is what I was talking about. I just know those lying son of a guns have to take a sleeping pill at night or drink themselves into a state of drunken stupor in order to sleep. Well I suppose I really know the answer- they just have no conscience plus no moral compass which if you break it down means that they don’t give two cents about this country. They are all in it for the money and their damn ego.

    • They curl up on stacks of money, and they are lulled to sleep in no time.

      • Hee hee. Love your thought process about the repubs. I don’t doubt that it could very well be true for most of them. If you have plenty of money there is no need to worry while lying ( yes there was no pun intended here) awake- you just keep showing up in the Senate or the House and lie your way through the day, then you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about how to be get rich and stay rich. I digress here but, Wallis Simpson once said after marrying Edward, the wimp, “One can never have enough money or be too thin.” Which reminds me that she and Edward were Nazi sympathizers. What crazies they were. Of course what is happening with Twitler reminds me of Hilter and how he swayed the masses and then it was too late. God forbid that should happen to the USA.

  3. therub

    a mass of people who are ignorant & uninformed can be manipulated with lies & distortions. the rethugs know this & take advantage of it to hoard their fortunes & stay in office. i understand the electoral college no longer represents the popular vote. along with voter suppression, gerrymandering, fake news, lies, and foreign influence, what could go wrong? the problem is morally corrupt leaders who take advantage of vulnerable people. so we should ask the question, why does america have so many vulnerable people? what do we have to do to educate the masses so they’re not so easily duped?

    • There are none so blind as those who will not see, so I wouldn’t waste a lot of time on the cult members, but there are still other who are on the fence.Concentrate on them.

  4. All they care about is staying in power and keeping the donor money flowing in, and they’ve concluded that the way to do that is to assume the role of shameless toadies to Trump. In that cause, they’ll betray any person, betray any principle, disregard even the future’s verdict on their careers. It does not matter to them that they are knowingly lying, it matters only that the Trumpanzee voters in their states will believe those lies or at least approve of them. It’s corruption on the profoundest level.

    I do think Roberts is a fish of a somewhat classier type, but he’s still a conservative. He’d prefer that the trial he presides over not be the travesty it’s shaping up to be, but he also knows that actually removing Trump would cause an explosion of rage from the ‘zees that would blow up the Republican party. He’s not going to stick his neck out.

    • I’m old enough to remember when politicians actually cared about their legacies. They worried about how history would remember them. Now, they only care about lining their own pockets and what cushy job they’ll be able to get after they are done collecting their government paychecks.

      John Roberts will have his place in history, too. While we are bombarded daily with talk of his fairness, level-headedness and judicial temperament, his history will (or should) focus on his shitty Citizen United vote.

  5. vincelamb

    I’m surprised you didn’t make Cipollone’s nose longer.

    Also, when I watched a clip Colbert used of Cipollone making his opening statement, I wrote on my blog “Cipollone personified the old adage ‘If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table.’ Cipollone literally pounded the table in that clip.”

    • Hi Vince! I did consider making Cipollone’s nose bigger, but I decided on his base nose, because I started the poster early in the day. It only got bigger from there. He and Sekulow are nothing more than Doug Collins and Gym Jordan in better suits. They didn’t say anything the two loudmouths said, and in Sekulow’s case, he kept turning up the volume as though loudness is equivalent to true. Then there was Bribey Barbie Bondi who spent more time on her hair and makeup than she did on her lawyering. I have to admit, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the other ones, and I couldn’t even tell you their names without googling. I was surprised at who Twitler selected. Granted, he probably didn’t have much of a choice, because what reputable attorney wants to be connected to this clusterfuck? However, Ken Starr and Dershowitz? I can’t think of two more unlikable people, with the exception of Twitler himself and some who are sitting as jurors. Throw Sekulow into that mix, too. He’s nothing more than Mnuchin with a law degree and a radio show.We know that Twitler is all about the show, and his people did more vetting of The Apprentice cast members than they did for his impeachment trial.